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Jan 23, 2019 - Armenoid
Plunkett, Evan;Kale, Tejaswini S.;Zhang, Qingyang;Katz, Howard E.;Reich, Daniel H., 2019, "Data associated with "Effects of trifluoromethyl substituents on interfacial and bulk polarization of polystyrene gate dielectrics"", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/V3Z6DD, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
From the publication abstract: The ability to control the bulk and interfacial polarization of dielectric polymers is important to their application in organic electronics. We examine the effect of the trifluoromethyl substituent on poly(3-trifluoromethylstyrene) (P3TFMS) as comp...
Jan 23, 2019
Gnanadesikan, Anand;Kim, Grace E.;Pradal, Marie Aude S, 2019, "Data associated with Gnanadesikan, Kim, and Pradal, Impact of colored dissolved materials on the annual cycle of sea surface temperature: Potential implications for extreme ocean temperatures", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/DG7RDP, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
Because colored dissolved materials (CDMs) trap incoming sunlight closer to the surface, they have the potential to affect sea surface temperatures. We compare two models, one with and one without CDMs, and show that their presence leads to an increase in the amplitude of the sea...
Jan 15, 2019 - (323) 328-8536
Zaitchik, Benjamin F;Simane, Belay, 2019, "Meteorological station data associated with publication Stettz et al. (2019) Estimating variability in downwelling surface shortwave radiation in a tropical highland environment. PLOS ONE.", overdelicacy, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
The data included in these files are daily maximum temperature, daily minimum temperature, and daily average incoming solar radiation for four sites in the Blue Nile Highlands of Ethiopia. They were used to calibrate statistical models of solar radiation as a function of diurnal...
Jan 10, 2019
Mullany, Luke C.;Erchick, Daniel J;Khatry, Subarna K;Agrawal, Nitin K;Reynolds, Mark A;Rai, Bhola;Lubon, Agnieszka;LeClerq, Steven C;Katz, Joanne, 2018, "Oral health during pregnancy in rural Nepal: a community-based cohort study of practices, periodontal status, and pregnancy outcomes", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/ZPGBJW, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V2
Annually, almost three million babies die prior to 28 days of life; the number one cause of these deaths both in high- and low-income settings is complications arising from preterm birth. Therapeutic options for managing preterm birth are generally unavailable for 98% of the almo...
Dec 10, 2018 - 905-391-4438
Menzel, Molly E.;Merlis, Timothy M., 2018, "Data associated with “Direct Effects of CO2 Radiative Forcing on Ocean Heat Content and Circulation”", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/PXCQCC, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
Output of atmospheric general circulation model (GCM) simulations are used to force an ocean-only GCM with comprehensive boundary conditions to examine the impact of direct atmospheric effects on ocean heat content. Perturbation simulations with prescribed response to quadrupling...
506-573-2435(Johns Hopkins University)
Dec 10, 2018
Engaging Men in the HIV Treatment Continuum (Côte d’Ivoire)(Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins, Center for Communication Programs)
Dec 7, 2018
This project contains formative research and evaluation data related to a USAID-funded project designed to engage men in Côte d’Ivoire in HIV testing and the treatment continuum. Funding was given under two USAID projects: Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) and Bre...
Dec 7, 2018
Tibbels, N;Hendrickson, Z.;Naugle, D.;Dosso, A.;Van Lith, L.;Mallalieu, E.C.;Kouadio Ngnanda, A. M.;Kra, W.;Kamara, D.;Dailly-Ajavon, P.;Cisse, A.;Seifert-Ahanda, K.;Thaddeus, S.;Babalola, S.;Hoffmann, C.J., 2018, "Coded quotations associated with the publication “Men’s perceptions of HIV care engagement at the facility- and provider-levels: experiences in Cote d’Ivoire”", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/EAFMCT, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
Men in sub-Saharan Africa have lower rates of HIV testing and are less likely to initiate treatment compared to women. Service delivery dimensions are a key factor in facilitating engagement along the HIV treatment continuum for men and women, yet male specific overall perception...
Dec 4, 2018
Wolf, Risa M;Jaffe, Andrew E;Steele, Kimberly E;Schweitzer, Michael A;Magnuson, Thomas M;Wolfe, Andrew;Wong, G. William, 2018, "Data associated with the publication "Cytokine, chemokine and cytokine receptor changes are associated with metabolic improvements after bariatric surgery."", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/TNHLOJ, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
Obesity is associated with a chronic state of inflammation characterized by changes in adipokines and cytokines. We conducted a large, comprehensive profiling of cytokines, chemokines and secreted cytokine receptors in lean and obese individuals, and in obese patients undergoing...
Nov 19, 2018 - 3194664907
Zhang, Qingyang;Plunkett, Evan, 2018, "Data associated with publication “Highly Contrasting Static Charging and Bias Stress Effects in Pentacene Transistors with Polystyrene Heterostructures Incorporating Oxidizable N,N’-bis(4-Methoxyphenyl)aniline Side Chains as Gate Dielectrics”", /doi.org/10.7281/T1/K3ONN5, Johns Hopkins University Data Archive, V1
Charge storage and trapping properties of polymer dielectrics govern the charge densities of adjacent semiconductors and greatly influence the on-off switching voltage (threshold voltage, Vth) of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) when the polymers are used as gate insulato...
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