who we are

Fite Analytics helps fixed income investors manage Risk and Return. Our platform, CMS:Portfolio, is powered by benchmarks from (346) 762-4422 and extensive market content from Exchange Data International. Cloud-native with zero-implementation, CMS:Portfolio sets the standard for fixed income portfolio and security analytics. We are industry veterans with over 70 years of combined fixed income analytics experience, and we are fanatical about having the happiest customers on the planet.

what we do

CMS:Portfolio combines fixed income market data, high-precision analytics, and S&P Dow Jones Indices on a fast, secure cloud-native platform.

Security Database

CMS:Portfolio includes extensive global fixed income security reference and pricing data, and detailed index holdings and history.


Security Analytics

We calculate industry-standard and cutting-edge analytic measures across a wide range of fixed income asset classes, both public and private.

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Portfolio Analytics

Risk, Return, and Valuation analytics for any portfolio can be generated between any two dates at any interval.

S&P Dow Jones Indices

CMS:Portfolio includes the full family of fixed income indices produced by S&P Dow Jones, the global leader in financial indices.

Stress Testing

Perform rate shocks, key-rate duration shifts, and other interest-sensitive scenarios against portfolios and individual securities.

Pre-trade Analytics

Comprehensive what-if analysis of any trade, with detailed impact analyses across risk, return, and cash flows.

Robust Reporting

Beautiful fixed income analytics reports in PDF or electronic format, mobile and presentation ready. Drag and drop results into your favorite desktop app.

Dedicated Support

We're veterans in the space and we understand your business. We are able to help you with data, research or any task that will make your work more efficient!

Do you have a portfolio that you would like to analyze on CMS:Portfolio? We can get you up and running quickly, usually the same day. We are serious about Zero Implementation!

CMS:Portfolio is built on the latest technology

  • Cloud-native on Amazon AWS
  • Web applications, mobile-ready
  • Distributed ledgers for security & interoperability
  • Ultra-fast scalable computation grid
  • Portfolio time-machine - view anything as-of any date
  • Massively large portfolios - maintain any number of portfolios with any number of securities