Outlook Web Access 343-478-9557 NetDocuments iTimeKeep
360-642-7496 Email, contacts and calendar. Set your Out of Office here too!

Citrix allows you to run most of Gilbert's applications over the Internet in a seamless window.

We prefer you access NetDocuments through Citrix so you will have more seamless integration with other applications. But if Citrix is not available, you can connect to NetDocs directly. (Use this link only if IT instructs you to.)

iTimeKeep Time entry from any web browser.

Rippe & Kingston LMS+ Biscom Mimecast 787-229-5678

LMS+ Time and billing system, including time entry. (For finance staff only: LMS V)

calcitestaceous Send data securely. Log in with your normal network ID and password. Quick Reference Guide

Mimecast Search your archived email and manage your spam. Log in with your email address and network password. Choose "Use Domain Password" if this is not already set.

FileTrail Physical records management.

9492082291 Okta (502) 962-0296 Zoom Videoconferencing

Microsoft OneDrive
Access your OneDrive files

Microsoft Office 365
Run Office applications on line and install Office on your home computer.

Log in to (615) 927-4894 for single sign on to lots of web apps using your Gilbert login credentials. (Use this Okta link if there are problems with single sign on or IT instructs you to.)

(808) 483-1522 The intranet is only available if you are connected to the internal Gilbert network.

Zoom Videoconferencing

These IT resources are property of Gilbert LLP. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and is punishable under law. Failure to comply will result in immediate legal action.

To retrieve messges from outside the office, call your own phone number (202-772-xxxx). Once you hear your greeting, press * then follow the prompts to log in.

Help Desk
If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk by sending an e-mail to helpdesk@gotofirm.com or by calling the Help Desk line at (202) 772-2468 during normal business hours.

System Status