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I let the cat in.


I'll give you something for the pain.

In addition to the policy, the firemen had to make their appearance too.

Venkata is average height.


I'd like to help, but I can't.

Vladislav hasn't forgotten us.

He broke out of prison just days after he was brought there.

I don't need a lot of money.

I think we're ready to do that.

It's been almost three years since Orville died.

His deed is worthy of praise.

Ralph is the one I want to meet.

Theo may possibly be lying about that.


What does Peggy want to eat?

Phiroze said he'd see what he could do.

A man should have the courage to admire people who set high goals, even if they fail.

He struck me a heavy blow in the face.

I'm sure Kristen is very impressed.


Brendan is a bad student.

She was intent on her book.

I've set out a table under a beautiful tree behind the cottage.


Who would oppose this plan?

All day, I have been strangely preoccupied with thoughts of my hometown.

Please step back from the edge of the platform.

Ravi certainly appears to have jumped the gun.

There's nothing more you can do.

Can I get your advice on something?

That was my big mistake.

Gordon often forgets to use his turn signal.

Tourists should take care to respect local cultures when they are travelling.

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i was not sleep well.


I'm looking forward to your visit.

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Give me a glass of water.

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I know now what we have to do.

I knew that we'd be late.

I hate it.

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What are you so nervous about?


Stop strutting around at once!

You didn't seem certain.

Debtors are people who cannot re-pay money they owe.

Alfred is banned from entering this building.

She was thrown back onto her own resources.

Jim climbed out of the boat on to the bank.

What did you think of her?

There's a radio on the table.

Can I share something important with you?

You don't understand the procedure.

True freedom is not in what you do, but in the way you choose to live what you do, and that faculty belongs just to you.

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We don't understand English at all.

Don't litter!

Dwight is the cutest boy in the class.

I don't care how long I have to wait.

Don't let Patrick catch you on the way out.

I'm going to need all the help I can get.

There's something they're not telling us.

She fell into unconsciousness.

Manuel wants to pitch.

Do you know an ethnic dance?

A bad workman complains of his tools.

The steak was cooked to perfection.

The man wants to know the truth.

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He immediately goes after her, like an ox to the slaughter.


My mother spends a lot of money on clothes.


I still have difficulty in making myself understood in English.

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Are all the bars shut?

Have you decided what you'll do?

Are you really going to buy that car?

He broke the record.

I wouldn't want to intrude on your privacy.

He sang a song to lighten the atmosphere.

If you don't work, you shouldn't eat.

Walter deserved the punishment he got.

I wish I knew what was going on.

Kind words are always effective.

Oleg decided to become a cook.

Wait. Don't go.

I talk to Kerri more than you do.


I'm pretty sure Sidney likes Nick.


Aaron said he wanted to be here.


A baby craves its mother's milk.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food.

Terrance and Amarth are not on the same team.

Everyone cheered his name.

Generally, who visits their parents more, sons or daughters?

On weekends, many people work instead of having a rest.

I bear no grudge against you.


You're supposed to help your friends when they're in trouble.

We must not forget our promise.

So where did you live?

Next year I want to learn French.

If the sale of organs is legalised, potential health problems may arise.

Graeme visited her grandmother.

You can't reason with a drunk.

How long it is!

I have never been abroad.


Daren's hands trembled.

I'm fine, thanks. Oh, Laura, this is my friend, Ayako.

We may as well go at once.


They hired me.

When can we see each other?

What can we learn from a dog? Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.

Shuvra isn't as fat as he used to be.

The police found Johann's blood on Bud's shoes.

I will have been to the States three times if I go there again.

The dog ran around and around.

I can protect her.

This box weighs three kilograms.

Do you really think that your plan is realistic?

Kimberly wanted to meet you.


The consequences of Sendai's earthquake were dreadful!


The clasp on this necklace is broken.


Please check your valuables at the front desk.

She was just about to go out.

The day is sure to come when your dream will come true.

Why don't you two just sit down?

I want to show you what Lindsey gave me.

I can't talk.

Mahesh spent the last years of his life in Boston.


I know him by his first name.

Dan argued with Linda about her pregnancy.

Jean left his kids at home.

I strangled one.

I'm sure there's no need to be scared.

Will you please arrange for me to meet Mr Doi?

Amarth chuckled when he heard Sylvan's joke.


Waiting is just a waste of time.

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I asked a favor of him.

You've got to stop, King.

Have you told Pria where you want him to park his car?

I'd love to hear from you.

Learning French is useful.

Wolfgang got back home sooner than I thought he would.

I should've started earlier.

The method is wicked.

Bruce looks very pleased.

Thank you for the present you gave my son.

Japan knew it was winning the war.

Mr Tanaka, if anything, is an honest man.

Let's face the truth.


Earth, it is a planet, and not a planetoid.

It's hard to talk about your feelings.

We saw an old hut standing at the margin of the forest.


I like candlelight.

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If it had not been for her advice, he would have failed.

Unfortunately, princes don't tend to be handsome.

This is the first time I've ever worn a coat.


I'm never going to go anywhere.

I want to buy my car back.

I wanted to ask Sanford how much he paid for his new house, but Takeuchi told me that would be impolite.

Do it for my sake.

I need money in general, not just now.


There's a cat in my house.

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They lost their property.

I listened to her story.

Did I wake Bud up?


I want to apologize for last night.

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Were you optimistic?

I'll be away till Christmas.

He's not the right guy for you.

I told them I got fired.

He likes to smoke while taking a shit.

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And so?