As long as they're not doing it in public, let 'em go for it.

After waiting for three quarters of an hour at the doctor's, Elwood was gradually becoming impatient.

This is what they call a lucky break.

This clock isn't working.


We need all the facts.

He likes potato salad.

"Where will we go for lunch?" "Pratt, you decide. I can't. "

This is beyond reasoning.

She is singing a song on the stage.


She's not a maniac.

Unfortunately, I must decline the offer.

The lion walked to and fro in its cage all day.

Where the hell can he be?

I like things the way they are.

Nhan didn't know where Chip was going, but he had a good idea where she might be going.

She had long been learning to play the piano.

Osamu Dazai killed himself.

A naked lecture conveys boredom ; tales help precepts get through.

Why were you so busy yesterday?

I think our best days are ahead of us.


Tanaka isn't helpless.


This dog is a crossbreed.

Israel has answered all the questions.

Please mail this letter the next time you go to the post office.

Seenu bounced the ball.

This is the first time I've ever heated the dinner.

This is not about my capabilities. Even if I never had heard the slightest sound of english, I still could kneel down and put my face on the ground to show my submission. But who can force me into that?

My town has two supermarkets.

Do you want breakfast?

I suppose I'd better be more careful the next time.


A good many people have told me to take a holiday.


Remind me to give this to him.

Do you think Grant is going to find anything?

Take care of the forests for your grandchildren.


I had lost my purse, so I couldn't buy the cassette.

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Gentleman once meant a person of high social class and sufficient income so that he didn't have to work.

I'm very optimistic about this.

We should have a game sometime.


What are you looking forward to today?

Cristopher couldn't stand to be in the same room with Audrey.

Until when shall you tell us off?


If Nora could speak French, I'd hire him right away.

What is the distance across the pond?

Let's not talk about him.

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Shine your shoes before going out.

French is not only spoken in France.

I'm not hungry anyway.

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How's your chest?


I don't like to carry a purse.

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Shankar died three days after Jun.

The plan was a success.

My friend ended up taking the rap for a crime he didn't commit.


When I was a kid, there was a black pig in a pen beside our house.

He was tired, so he went to bed earlier.

I've been given permission to inspect this equipment.


You're going to be famous.

Eddy threw his hands up into the air and said that he gave up.

Those are the properties that she owns.

I'll have Paola go right away.

You're new around here, aren't you?

There are two pounds of butter in the icebox.

The Tatoeba Corpus is not error-free. Due to the nature of a public collaborative project, this data will never be 100% free of errors.

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She yelled in a rage.

Shatter went down to the kitchen.

Have you lived in any other countries before?


I've heard it said that there is no way for you to ever reach native proficiency in a language if you haven't started studying it before the age of twelve.

He always values his wife's opinions.

This is Malus, my assistant.

Can I speak to Mr Sato?

Did Barrett tell you he asked Daniel to babysit tonight?

There were flowers here.

Irwin sat down.

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Any help would be appreciated.

Let me say what I will, he doesn't mind me.

A hazy cloud called a coma surrounds the comet's nucleus.

Amedeo didn't know what time he was supposed to be there.

He will arrive in Kyoto tomorrow.

My sister started crying.

We know exactly what Shaw can do.


Saqib is a lot shorter than Antonella is.


What are you playing at?

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Anyone can hurt a painter.

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It's a hot button topic.

Don't expect me to do it for you. It's your baby.

I like to sleep-in on weekends.


Urs said Jurevis was in Boston.

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Hitoshi slammed the locker door shut.


We asked him to face the press but he refused to.

Pat and Martha were sitting when we came in.

Maybe something's wrong with me.

What kind of fruit do you like best?

If the sale price is good, Mario said he might buy two pairs of shoes.


Michael eats a lot of Chinese food.

Can I borrow this for a little while?

The female student that sat in front of the teacher is from Germany.


The population of Japan is much larger than that of Australia.


We ran into them at the bus terminal.


I am fourteen years old.


Everybody fears time.


That policeman promised to look into the matter.

I have been to the store before.

Collecting guns goes ill with collecting children.

I'm not much of a tennis player.

Two beers, please.


Let me pay for it.


It never snows in this country.

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Charleen never said a word to me about it.


He is completely clueless.


I think I'm falling in love.


It'll be cloudy.

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Albert is the only person who paid on time.

Is she faultless herself?

I'm doing it now.

He left the building at about 6 p.m.

Where can you find a defibrillator?

Torsten didn't exactly tell the truth.

There you have it.

Jerald hasn't gone swimming in a long time.

She advised him to drink more milk, but he didn't think this was good advice.

The image projected in the retina is inverted.

Mother is getting breakfast ready.

The jet plane landed following the instructions of the control tower.

Mindless entertainment is very popular.

The cardinals have elected a new pope.

A large number of people visit the historic site.

I'm going to go take a shower.

You can see cars and buses in every city.

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Have you ever seen us dance?


The man stepped aside for her to enter the room.

I saw that happen.

I signed one.

Does Roxie have mental problems?

It reminds me of them.

No matter how much it costs.

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently?

A fox smells its own lair first.

Give her the book.


Are there still wolves in Germany?

Raja lives in a luxurious home.

Do you know anything about those people?

I've received a circular from the bank.

Rhonda opened up the bag with a pair of scissors.


You shook hands, didn't you?

This was your responsibility.

The baseball game was called off due to rain.

Graeme was completely soaked by the rain.

What are you going to do this weekend?

When did the robbery happen?

Are you working hard?


I haven't figured it all out yet.

Gunter didn't need cash.

You'd have fun.

Mathematics would certainly not have come into existence if one had known from the beginning that there was in nature no exactly straight line, no actual circle, no absolute magnitude.

Robots are great in the workplace, because they don't need toilet or meal breaks, don't get sick or come to work with a hangover.

A river separates the city into east and west.

Would you please boil an egg for me?