The Romans forced onto the people they defeated, among other things, their language.

That seems weird to me.

Elisabeth wanted to talk to Joubert.

I want to get closer to you.

Why would Jose lie about something like that?

The ground is still wet.

Michael Jackson's music is enjoyed by people of many countries.


Ask anybody who's had a chance to meet Khanna in person, and they'll tell you just how easy it is to warm up to him.

Do you plan to go to Tokyo by bus?

You only need to concentrate.


My sister and her boyfriend are going to get married next year.

I still think Blayne could help.

He fell behind in his work.

The ship is at sea for India.

I looked but saw nothing.

There's a sucker born every minute.

What a weird idea!


He is going to be in charge.

He can't run very fast.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Professional translators quite often specialize in just one field, for example law or medicine.

He was absorbed in the book.

I canceled it.

The room is fully furnished.

What was going on in there?

Reiner certainly has a better understanding of this matter than I do.

Let's have a water balloon fight.

The chicken feed I get for a salary is good for nothing.

Neil was very mean to Irfan.

That interpreter is a master of five languages.


Too many expedients may spoil a business.

You never have any money.

Why did he stop smoking?

I'll give you a new one.

Prakash has lots of time to do anything he wants.

"Let's have a drink, shall we?" "Yes, let's."

I'm getting tired of the dull game.

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Karen is pretty cool, isn't he?

I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all.

Feathers are a distinguishing feature of birds.

My sister is my sister. I am who I am.

Why did they hire you?

We just want you to think about it.

That's a lovely pair of eyes you have.


This dog was born two months ago.

It seemed impossible that Bart would succeed.

What house do you like more?


You're all wrong.

Where did you spit at them?

The road came to a dead end.

Have you ever milked a cow?

I found that there was a little girl sobbing.

I will be thirty-five in June.

Could you hand me the newspaper on the table?

When I give an order, I expect it to be followed.

I know who the killer is.

Xiaoming Wang has never been to America. He really wants to go next year.

What's your favorite iPhone app?


Kari doesn't want to play tennis on Sunday.

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My mother does her usual shopping on her way home from work.


Kemal has an old felt hat he always wears in the rain.

I look forward to corresponding with you.

The conditions were deemed sufficiently unsafe to justify an evacuation.


The school is closed during summer.


We are defending the same cause.

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I'm dying to eat it.

Has prison changed her?

He lied to me.

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I have spoken to you of earthy things.

Let's not talk about that right now.

I've just turned 20.

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this email?

Sal arrived at the train station just as his train was pulling away from the platform.

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I couldn't understand a word Malloy said.


Bryan struggled to get free.


Leith and I often eat lunch together.


Why is Facebook so famous?


We all believe in something.

This is homemade jam.

This wine tastes corked!

Ken has arrived in Kyoto.

I am afraid it's not so easy.

She is quite ignorant of the world.

Scott asked Knute to teach him some useful phrases in French.

I baked him cookies.

He and his grandmother played a few games of Crazy Eights until his mother picked him up.

I have no idea what to wear.

My room must be a mess.

Read whatever you like.

The situation is still capable of improvement.

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He ought to have arrived home by now.


After careful consideration, I have decided not to accept this offer.

Derek should be at school.

What you said about Christopher isn't true.


It wasn't my place to say anything.

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Clay was the last one to arrive this morning.

No matter how hard I try, I can't swim to that rock.

Dancing is good for the figure.

My friend wants a car of his own.

He is in London on business now.

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I have less and less time for reading.

It's already midnight.

She left a message.

I want to know more about you.

Conrad often helps others.

They asked us for advice.

I thought you said you could play the piano.

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Seize the moment.

Try your phone.

You're dating a Keio student, aren't you?

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I go to Tokyo University.

It rained for a week.

We were up front.

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There are people who have children because they can't afford a dog.

Please tell me how to delete my Facebook account.

About 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way because of light pollution.

Randall chose his words carefully.

Guillermo could see Celia's disappointment.

He is detoxified.

No amount of money will change his mind.

Dan wanted the rest of his money.

I hate snow!

All Kathryn ate was bananas.

You should ask Harold about all of this.

Jennifer listened for a moment.

My sister is now bound up in her work.

He put on his hat at once.

We were both shocked.

I think that you sleep very well.

Few, if any, will criticize him.

How can I manage to finish on time?

This is not a trap.

My dad works all day.

He gives her everything she asks for.

I'm in town for one night only.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

The empire absorbed all the small states.

Holly made me his assistant.

The number of Japanese students returning after life abroad has been increasing as of late.

This tire is showing wear.

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We talked about the plan with him.


My mother knows Johnny's mother.

Gil got back in his car and drove away.

On his nose grew a small pimple.


Do you know me?

I wish I had done this earlier.

Each year, twenty-seven million acres of the tropical rainforests are destroyed.


Did you close that valve?

My GPS navigator doesn't work abroad.

Jeff and Jerry were sitting at the counter.

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Cigarettes are soothers for adults.

What shall we do today?

One of the bullets damaged his spine.

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I know it was strange.

That's quite possible.

I told you never to come here again.


That's clever.

We don't really feel safe.

It then became apparent that he had answered off the top of his head.


I need to get home.

Let's continue this discussion after lunch.

I will do it on condition that you support me.

I saw Carol spike Raghu's drink.

I'm pretty sure Marian doesn't know how to swim.