My friend has a large family.

I don't think Clare is as stupid as he looks.


Don't hate something that you don't understand.


Tolerant is weak.


I used to play tennis in high school.


Would you like for me to do that for you?

Embezzle money? I wouldn't put it past her.

I'm going to take care of it.

I'm not so sure it was time to leave.

I can't let Denis go alone.


He is qualified as a doctor.

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I can understand why.


My problem isn't drinking, but smoking.

You could be in over your head.

This problem is not avoidable.

I think it does matter.

Perry became used to the loud deliberations.

Sho must be replaced.

None of James's children can speak French.

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The classes stopped at noon, when we had lunch.

It's very difficult to explain.

I'll get Jerrie to buy us a cake.

He was the last but two to arrive.

I met him quite unexpectedly.

Would you mind carrying it up the stairs for me?

I know I'm early.

You should take it off.

I'm glad I managed to do it.

Why have you changed your profile picture?

John had his body cremated and the ashes thrown into the sea.

You had better not waste your money.

Those mountains over there have turned white this morning.

I am very good at appearing organised, although the reality is somewhat different.

I bought this three years ago.


Jennifer asked too many personal questions.

Put the eggs in the refrigerator.

An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Gurkha, a Latvian, a Turk, an Aussie, a German, an American, an Egyptian, a Japanese, a Mexican, a Spaniard, a Russian, a Pole, a Lithuanian, a Jordanian, a Kiwi, a Swede, a Finn, an Israeli, a Romanian, a Bulgarian, a Serb, a Swiss, a Greek, a Singaporean, an Italian, a Norwegian, an Argentinian, a Libyan and a South African went to a night club. The bouncer said: "Sorry, I can't let you in without a Thai."


This technology is called augmented reality.


"Why aren't you coming?" "Because we don't want to."


Take a chance! All life is a chance.


Darin is more than just an acquaintance.


I'm still mad at you.

We close at 7 p.m.

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

I've decided to fire you.

Cynthia realized that it would be better if he left right away.


We can get a beautiful view of the sea from the hill.


Shamim tends to be overdramatic.

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Dick and Ann like walking together in the woods.

Your efforts are doomed.

Nothing much!

Bring me the newspaper.

Mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

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I've told you that before, haven't I?

Context is important.

I have a good eye for the value of antiques.

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Where did you buy your satchel?

My mother said it with a smile.

I ended up seeing it under bad circumstances.


He is a man of faith.

The stairs creaked.

I don't see eye to eye with my father.

Come on, touch it.

Who disagrees with us?


He died of lung cancer.

Nguyen can't possibly do that by himself.

Shane filled out the application for me.

Calm your nerves down.

I thought this was mine.


Once in a while, we should take a step back and think.


The phone was out of order again.

You know what my idiot son's doing? Even now he's graduated from university he spends all his time playing pachinko instead of getting a job.

Click on the word to look for exemple sentences in the corpus of the Amazigh language.

Amarth has come all the way from Boston to be with us today.

How are rights and duties correlative?

They may surprise you.

I feel too lazy to do my homework.


She is the most boring girl I ever knew.

I'll begin by asking a question.

Is it all right to use a flash here?

I am baffled.

Space could hear Marguerite talking in the next room.

Why did you run?

Just being is good enough.

She said something.

Let's go talk somewhere quiet.

I'm not stupid, am I?

Dan left no traces behind.

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You are always wrong.

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If you do that kind of thing, it's not fair to her.

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I folded the towels.

You learn English.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to cancel everything?

I don't feel like playing cards.

Nichael has to get the application form in by Friday.

She bought flour and oil in quantity.

I want to take a better look at that painting. I want to stand closer.

She may be the traitor.

What I am commanding you to do?

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Are you free this afternoon?


I'm being accused of doing things I didn't do.

Barney is delirious.

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.

Let's plug up the hole.

When would be best?


I wonder if I have any reason to live.

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Lithuanian is a good language.


I think this is too expensive.

I personally think I can do it.

I'd better go with them.

Don't go walking in the park at night!

Did you get home safe and sound?

I'd be delighted if they asked me to give a speech.

Would you tell the head chef that it was very delicious?

I paid ten dollars for the book.

Your speech is not at all understandable to me.

Old people in supermarkets piss me off.

We ought to go out tonight.


This car was made in Japan.

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Harold said he'd be coming back.

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Philip went to his room to study.

I hope we can help.

My credit card was rejected by the ATM.

We all make mistakes, don't we?

No, I don't. I want a room for tonight.


Thanks. Could I return it to you instead?

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Cole isn't happy about it.

Just make sure that doesn't happen again.

Sergio isn't like you.

Golf is boring.

The President will continue to work with Congress wherever he can to keep our economy moving forward and creating jobs.

I'll handle the rest.

Did you see anyone?

Can you open the window?

She gave him a handle against her.

Olof is looking for a suitable place to hold the meeting.

Well, I always have time for a friend. They know they can count on me.


Her life has been full of trials.

The old woman had suspected from the very first that the boy who had come to the rescue of her son was a girl in disguise.

That's probably what they'll say.


Many pictures are placed on Xiaoding's desk.

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Are you back from Japan?

I want a kitchen like this.

Good books are always worth reading.

Take my hand.

He is too ready to speak.

Is Wendy smiling?

This is where the magic happens.

Jason has brown eyes.

We can't control the weather.


You danced wonderfully tonight.

Without a doubt he'll come.

Don't be controlled by your fear.


It took me three trips to the supermarket to buy everything we needed for tonight's party.


Varda begged Brett to take her home.

Clare doesn't know for certain when Naren will arrive.

Best regards, Silja.