Marek saw the cat.

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Hold it there.


This is a thought provoking book.


Lilies smell sweet.

Back up!

It is very important to obey the traffic rules.

Have you read my list of demands?

How long is that story?

There are several advantages to city life.

That's a good picture of her.

Do you want me to make coffee?

Your shoulder muscles are really tight.

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*Breathing intensifies.*

I had no idea you knew how to play the trombone.

Torsten lived for thirty years.


It's a fucking mess.

What do you think Perry is up to?

There are no other options.

Let's create a grassrootes political movement by using the possibilities of the Internet.

There were so many things that reminded Naren of Stacey.

We went to law school together.

He brought his lips close to her ear and murmured: "I love you."


I can't think of anything else.


How does one calculate the capacitance of a capacitor?

Which train is going to the city center?

Would you say you have parental instincts?

He could write off his work room's furnishing from his taxes.

He said he would call tomorrow.

I can speak French fairly fluently.

This isn't my responsibility. It's yours.

When the scum stops appearing pour the syrup back into a clean bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Marcia flew in from Boston that night.

I looked around and noticed that it was the only car on the road.

She is terrible at cooking.

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Petr mistook me for my older brother.


You have a great alibi.


I met Ragnar at the coffee shop.

It was a war no nation really wanted.

Denis says he has no idea what he should do.

After countless calls to the radio and countless newspaper ads in several consecutive days, people flocked to the festival. There are devoured tons of hamburgers that were offered there in abundance, and drunk liters of beer. As a result was a large number of drunks and thus, massive work for the legions of attending paramedics who had already acquired a huge experience of such mass gatherings at countless other parties.

The cherry is now in full bloom.

Men have about 7 to 8 times more testosterone than women.

If you are wrong, I am wrong too.

Ask her.

That'll buy us a little time.


So be it.

I shall win or die trying!

I won't tell her.

Love is blind.

Marek will depart soon.

I remember that I closed the door.


Their climbing of Mt. Everest was a great achievement.

This is just how life is.

I'm very cold.

I'd like to offer you your job back.

How did you like the food at that restaurant?

Beth is unqualified for such a responsible post.


I've never been so thrilled.

I will try to eat it in one bite.

Father reads the newspaper, eating his breakfast.

It is important for English learners to remember the distinction between 'fun' and 'funny'.

My pet is sick.

Joon is in his element when he is playing baseball.

An intelligent man uses his mind, but the more intelligent man also uses mind of others.

Let him alone. He'll soon come around by himself.

What time do you usually eat breakfast?


I figured you wouldn't want Tandy to know about this.

I am not crushing them.

It is no more than two miles to the town.

I won't sell my soul.

I jumped at the unexpected news.


She lost her way and on top of that it began to rain.

"Is Ken busy?" "Yes, he is."

Darryl realized it was time to go.

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He got up an hour early this morning.


Which one do you think Erik is going to buy?

I cannot help admiring his appetite.

Look. My house is cleaner than yours.

They broke down the old house.

He's funny and charming.

This may end up being somebody else's problem.

I wrote a book about this.

Christmas is only three weeks off.

Lukas will need a couple of bodyguards.

When applying to American universities, your TOEFL score is only one factor.

Patrice lives nearby.

Express yourself as clearly as you can.

A car hit Hans.

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Something went wrong that morning.

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I've seen this movie many times.


Morton closed the curtains.

Only the tip of an iceberg shows above the water.

The German word "Verschlimmbesserung" stands for a supposed improvement that makes things worse.

Jacques sat down on one of the barstools.

Can Casper handle the truth?


He predicted there would be rain.

Mario has a high fever.

He betrayed my confidence in him.

This is the hospital where Celia was born.

I didn't want to say anything.


You seem very nervous.

Cats kill rats.

I feel lethargic when I diet, what should I do?

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I'm likely to be here all afternoon.

Milk can be made into butter, cheese, and many other things.

Any one of us could do it.


There's no entertainment for young people around here.

It was fortunate that he passed it.

What kind of questions do you plan to ask?

She works across the border.

The JMdict/EDICT project has as its goal the production of a freely available Japanese-English Dictionary in machine-readable form.

I miss you very much.

If you want to have an attractive personality, you need to have a good head on your shoulders.

I was not studying then.

Soohong told Jem that he wanted to break off the engagement.

That's the reason we must fight.

Let's play by ourselves.

She provided a good dinner for us.

Danny didn't know Kitty cared.


Suppose that we miss the last train, what should we do?

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This TV program seems to be very entertaining.

Do not blame me, I do not have anything to do with that video.

What happened to your hair?

I see him very rarely.

He looks so serious studying that menu!

Rajendra has no one to play with, so he's lonely.

Waxing is one method of hair removal.

Alexis won the thumb-wrestling competition.

Paris, which is on the Seine, is a beautiful city.

Everybody wants recognition.

This is a public beach.

During the talk, he used some words I didn't know that fascinated me.

I apologize for the delay in sending the agenda.


I speak French every day at work.

Have you finished your duties?

The sun at last broke through about noon.

Science is still not capable of solving all of life's problems.

The police searched for the missing child.

Now I'm ready.

I feel good after exercising.

Has Betty been fired yet?

No one happened to be there.

He paid the loan with interest.

She's going out to dinner with Cristina.

Even a black hen lays white eggs.

As you requested, I have attached a recent passport-sized photograph.

That's the best one.

My parents made me practice the piano every day.

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I have a room full of toys. Do you want to play?


Could Murat have been there?

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Dieter wasn't around a whole lot.

I thank you with all my heart.

Moe has two daughters.

I don't want to share.

Sanand used to live in the same apartment building as me.

I want everything to be perfect.

We're stuck with each other.


That is why she didn't want to be with him any more.

I'm leaving, please excuse me.

Though he is very learned, he lacks common sense.

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You've been to Boston, haven't you?

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Lex wants three of them.


Yesterday a truck hit this wall.


I'm in China for less than a month.