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We represent emerging companies, primarily in technology-enabled industries. That's it. We have built and rely on automation and other technology tools focused on serving their legal needs. We do not represent individuals, nonprofits, service businesses, investors, multi-national conglomerates, etc.


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Each of our professionals has many years of experience working with emerging companies. Because of our focus, we often have more experience with the issues facing emerging companies than most professionals in the Midwest, regardless of firm size.


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We understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. That's why we always work hard to assist our clients in the most effective, timely, and efficient manner as extensions of their teams. We also limit the number of companies with whom we work so that we can be more responsive and ready to lead large projects and significant deals.



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We work with companies that have scalable business models primarily in technology-enabled industries, such as healthcare IT, medical devices, therapeutics, advanced materials, software, mobile games and applications, financial technology, and software-as-a-service business applications. Our clients range in size from a couple of founders in a startup to companies with well over 1000 employees. Our sweet spot, though, are companies that have between 10 and 200 employees. Our clients are located throughout the United States and a few are in Europe, but most are located in the upper Midwest.

We provide business-law related legal services. For startups, that means incorporations, founder and employees agreements, stock incentive plans and agreements, university tech transfer license agreements, etc. For scaling companies, that means angel and institutional investor agreements, form commercial agreements, SaaS agreements, license agreements, clinical trial agreements, joint development agreements, supply and distribution agreements, etc. For companies nearing an exit, that means investment banker agreements, asset and stock purchase agreements, exclusive license agreements, co-marketing and distribution agreements, etc. Throughout a company's life cycle, we advise on matters such as contract management and process, corporate governance, and business model development.

We are well connected with professionals with whom we have worked before who have specialties ranging from international tax to intellectual property litigation. We select and recommend counsel based on relevant experience, personality fit with the particular client, and current capacity. We are not limited to engaging specialists with current availability in a single firm (as is the case with most large firms) and are not financially incented to bring in any particular professional or firm. Depending on the preference of the client, we can make a simple introduction with the client handling the rest or we can manage the relationship with the firm or a single professional.

Working with entrepreneurs and their emerging companies is inspiring. We like bringing our focus and legal experience to assist them in achieving big goals. We find it exciting working with companies that have audacious plans to disrupt large industries.


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