I am responsible for my own conduct.

Pablo tried to hide what was really going on.


I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday evening.


I slept in front of the TV.


He was accredited with these words.

It cannot be completely cured.

Leave the driving to me.

Josh sometimes walks to work.

I took him for his brother.

What Malaclypse says is too deep for me.

As the days passed by, we began to understand the seriousness of the matter.

He died when he was scarcely thirty.

I saw something strange on my way to work this morning.

Van knew Rajendra was lying.

I'll get right on it.


Small things amuse small minds.

The song is well known to everybody.

Is there anything you can do to help?

I want to get out of here before anyone sees us.

Isn't Elwood on your side?

She took the trouble to find a home for them.

What else could Teresa do?


Dan tried to call Linda several times.

I've been thinking about Jeany's plan.

When he returned, he brought a baseball cap and gave it as a present to his friend.


They came home.

That's just the way she is.

She gave a faint smile.

I may want to stay a while.

Watch him and do the same.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Amy walks to the station every morning.

Dan came back after spending two months in Scotland.

Hope to see you next time I'm in N.Y.

Vern asked me to say goodbye for him.

We have what we have.


I'm getting nauseous.


I thought you said your car was stolen.


I went and bought some cream puffs. Do you want any?

What time will you be ready to leave?

She decorated her room with bright color.

I am too short.

Sign here.


Your plan seems excellent.

"What did the professor talk about?" the student asked.

I bought a book and he a ruler.

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Have you ever been to that Japanese restaurant on Park Street?


I am harvesting wheat.

I just dropped in to say goodbye.

He reads this book hard.

I don't want to play cards.

That's very disappointing.

He has a second job.

I think we should stop here.


Louis can't be old enough to have a daughter as old as Pitawas.


Do you remember the name of the paramedic that saved my life?

What are you two arguing about?

I was surprised to see a lion.


Baseball is by far the most popular sport in Japan.

At first, I thought Alastair was joking.

I only have one friend left.


What are you doing with the rest of prepared rice?

Do you want to have a drink with us?

He attended the high school for three years without missing a single day or being late.


I have had no news from him yet.

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He showed me a picture of his own painting.

Father found me a good seat.

It's a good choice.

He saw himself as the savior of the world.

You will find the post office on your left.

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Debtors are people who cannot re-pay money they owe.


Indoor tanning is particularly dangerous for younger users.

I met him when I was thirteen.

I think I know what Clay is doing here.

The company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

If I were in charge, we wouldn't have this problem.

Werner grabbed his lunch pail and headed for school.

If you want to be okay, you must smoke weed every day.

We're not related.

Roberto and Samuel shared a dessert.


We wear uniforms at our school.

I opened the window so I might let fresh air in.

I can't believe you married Malloy.

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I don't trust him.


The army were scathingly beaten.

A Mr. Williams came to see you yesterday.

He gave away all his old furniture.

You're the only one who can solve this problem.

I take pictures of a lot of things.

No gratuity accepted.

Jane has it in for Bob because he didn't help her.

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Have I made the right decision?

Success can only be achieved through hard work.

I borrowed money from them.

Are you going to sit with her?

The answer was pretty astonishing.

Chet says he has no regrets.

The lunch she brought to me was as delicious as I'd heard people say it would be.

Can you email me some emergency contact numbers and names for you?

He censured me for what I had done.

I prefer to do it on my own.

Each person was given enough food and clothing.


Laurianne was often teased in school.

No one saw a thing.

Can I pay here with Kontaktlos?

Tyler should've been in contact by now.

Roxane and Pascal both shouted as loudly as they could.


Leave your umbrella at the front door.


I won't make you hurry.

You're probably too young to understand what is likely to happen next.

Parapsychology is the study of paranormal and psychic phenomenons, including ESP.

You need to get out more.

Should I go to college?


I lost myself in your universe.

I wouldn't be too surprised if Skef didn't get a good TOEFL score.

I think you've been talking about me behind my back.

The tree got the most beautiful colours!

You must be very talented, so as I!

Tobias slipped on ice and broke his hip last winter.

I can not stand that noise.

He left home early in the morning so he wouldn't miss the train.

Better a small gain than a great loss.

It seems I have fever.

One hour until the event.

As he was tired, he was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed.

He grew up with his parents.

How much damage was done?

Do you have any idea what it was?

I'm really ready for this.

Angus doesn't dress like everybody else.

Judging from his appearance, he is ill.

I can't help you. Do your assignment yourself.

Foods you eat which you don't like will not digest well.

Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep.

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Your examples are cherry-picked, nothing more than anecdotal evidence.


I'll buy a pen from him.

What's that, little cat? Would you like some sour cream?

I'm coming right away.

Miracles do happen every day.

You didn't arrest me because you don't have evidence.

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Lorraine can't have said that.


What complications can occur with such an operation?

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It doesn't really make much sense, does it?

Speak into the microphone.

I need to talk to you about something personal.

Do we have another one like this?

He earns over 500 dollars a month at that job.

He tried to use my computer without my finding out about it.

I'm kind of tired today.

We need lumber to build a barn.

The thermometer reads 30 degrees.

I crossposted the message to another website.

On my way to the theater I saw a traffic accident.


Don't be intimidated.

Jerome was cheating on his wife.

I'm sorry, my father is out.

We knew we could do it.

He is a young student.


We'll follow him.

We rushed out onto the street.

You guys are my heroes.


Training conditions workers to react quickly to an emergency.

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She's not all that gorgeous.