I want you to let her live.

Panos nervously entered.

Please don't mention it.

Where did you get your money?

Kazuhiro realized that Irving wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.

Maybe we could spend some time together.

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Julia felt like crying after she heard that news.

I will take the one that is more expensive.

You and Hienz can stay here.

I pretended to work.

She has just turned twelve.

Let's sit here for a while and look at the view.

Conrad doesn't know anything about raising children.

Hitoshi doesn't always understand what's going on.

I like to fry fish.


I beg to differ, as I disagree with your analysis of the situation.


His essay is rubbish.

Er, I can only drive cars with an automatic transmission.

Sanand doesn't want it.

She can't drive a car.

If it were not for sports, how dull school life would be!


The duck disappeared.

Let me open this discussion.

You've been following me, haven't you?

Truth springs from argument amongst friends.

Nicolo walked right past Lee.

They started that.

Frederic is rarely late for appointments.


Don't talk about it in my mother's presence.

She couldn't keep from crying.

I think Kim's number is unlisted.

I haven't left my room in three days.

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter.

The opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel.

I think I'm used to the pain.

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I have a pretty good idea where Kyle went.

That's why I was absent.

It took me ten minutes to walk to the station.

Why do you spend so much time watching TV?

Don't let the fire burn out.

How did Tuna get to know Jill?

The fierce pounding of the waves during the storm washed tonnes of shoreline into the ocean.

Tell Hunter I won't be needing his help.

Is it true that you added a million examples to Tatoeba?

Add 5 to 3 and you have 8.

Stacey is a smart kid.

This is one of the most venomous spiders in the world.

This just has to be his umbrella.

I didn't start all this.

Heinrich has been offered his old job back.

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The tire is low.

Pratapwant was sad and lonely.

The ring is loose.

I think Tomas will enjoy this.

They live in a little village in England.

I'm on loan to the firm.

Pascal doesn't have any family.

This is some type of watermelon.

Shocked at the news, she couldn't speak.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

What a princess I'd feel like if I were able to go to Akasaka, have a wonderful meal and stay at a hotel.

I couldn't come because of the rain.

Our army attacked the kingdom.

I forgave you.

There followed a long silence.

From there, one could see perfectly.

It is absurd to idle away the student life.


It sounds like somebody's home.


They don't like me.

Young people are apt to behave that way.

Tad decided to major in French.


This car is the latest model.

Could you have done it?

He read to his three sons.

May Day is also a festival day for the workers in the world.

He not only speaks English, he speaks French, too.

He was smoking a hookah with lemon flavour.

You crack me up, Boyce.

Did something happen to her?

This flower is blue.

I take dance lessons.

Now it's too late. The train has already left.

What do you think about your eggs?

I'm practically an adult.

That sounds awfully convenient.

Kit closed the door and left.

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Himawan doesn't want to go to the lake.

Valerie is hiding behind the door.

What is a language?


What's happened to us?

That's a strange idea.

I'm not sure that Orville enjoyed the party as much as we did.

Investigate the cause of it.

Hank wasn't even scared.

I want to reach the hotel before it gets dark.

What really happened to Knudsen and Lea?


Bert does good work.

Who was that girl you were with at the beach today?

If you behave like a lackey, you're treated like a lackey.

Suresh knew who Ramanan's boyfriend was.

Politics didn't interest him.

It's the perfect number.

I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.

He was nervous because he was leaving for America the next morning.

I can taste something strange in this soup.

There's a waiting list.

Fish is expensive.


Philip lives in the house where he was born.

I wish I had a reason not to go.

A good horse does not graze where it has trodden.

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Everett might have sense enough not to come.


A teacher's salary is less than an attorney's.

They play bridge every free moment.

"You're the kindest person I've ever met." "You say that to everyone."

The people stood up so as to see the parade better.

He's stronger than me.

Can we have a word with you?

During the night the wind blew cold.

You must be kidding me.

I like to play music with Danielle.

I'd like to ask you about him.

Exhausted from a day's work, he went to bed much earlier than usual.

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We all have one boss, the customer. And she can fire us any time she wants by simply deciding to shop somewhere else.

Let go of it.

You have a lot of nerve.

The crane, unlike the dog, has never dreamed of flying.

Amarth stayed at this hotel for three weeks.


Would you like to have a look?

When you feel tired, there is nothing like having a bath.

Three teas and two coffees, please!


Your theory doesn't hold water.


I met one of my old teachers yesterday.

Don't let your imagination run away with you.

Val is a very secretive person.

I have enjoyed myself very much.

Leads bought me a kite.

Come on. We don't have all day.

Who do you think is younger, Louie or Teruyuki?

No one can move the big box.

Vern considers himself a worthy candidate.

Robin is really adorable when he sleeps.

Emily wants to work in a major company.

You're in the countryside.

Ahmed lived to be 97 years old.

Now that I got guaranties, I am no longer afraid.

I had no idea what I was doing.


Every time he opened his mouth she looked at him sternly, as if to say, 'Silence,' so he could only let his eyes speak for him.

He sat in the chair.

Sugih put the thermometer under his arm.

That pleases me very much.

I told you you'd like her.

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The real name of Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

I admit that I killed it.

Now, one has to be well-prepared.

Dustin made a few phone calls.

This is Mr Suzuki speaking.

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I can reach higher with my voice than you with your feet.

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Most probably, she'll come.

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Regardless how you look at it, he's your big brother.

Rik needs a vacation.

If Paola finds out I told you this, she'll be furious.

As I am not good at math, I hope my parents will allow me to have a private tutor.

What are you going to give us?


You wanna arm wrestle?

Let's stay calm.

No matter where you go in Holland, you'll see windmills.

I thought that he would come.

Marnix walked to Park Street and then turned left.

I was like them once.

I don't know how to drive a car.


Kieran didn't give No a choice.

This bird can imitate the human voice.

Am I being accused of murder?