You just watch.

We skied down to Chamonix.

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Lievaart didn't ask for money.

He wants children, but I don't.

I look so fat in this dress.

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I want to see my kids.

I urgently need your help.

He is absorbed in the study of linguistics.

He works on the farm from morning till night.

I don't really like dogs all that much.

Eileen wants to have a talk with Leslie.

I cut down a cherry tree.


The bottom lip is bigger than the top lip.

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What is your field of study, your domain of inquiry, your major interest?


You should have seen her.

Roland walked into the room carrying a brown paper grocery bag.

There are not many countries in the world that abound in natural resources.

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Murray took out a loan in order to pay her debts.

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I'm confident that there won't be a world war.

Izumi gave Avery a bottle of wine.

I could never make him believe what I said.

What are you discussing?

On May 30, we will know the results of the election.

Tait is in extreme pain.

He caught hold of my hand.


The police held back the crowd.

I'm the boss around here.

There are still barbarous nations.

Going to this school requires a lot of money.

Delbert appears unconscious.

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I just did what my boss told me to do.


Israel could be right about that.

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I asked my teacher for advice on my future course.

He was too tired to walk any further.

Next time lucky.

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Hui sent you, didn't he?


I will go on a trip.


Rebecca did everything he possibly could to help.

I want children.

Can you elaborate on this a little more?


Did you say three?

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It's odd being in here after so long.


Max chose to live in Boston.

Tell her that I am washing the car.

The teacher told us a funny story.

I guess King got it wrong again.

That's a blood orange.


That class takes place once per week.

She seems to have been in poor health in her childhood.

These facts will show that his story is true.

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Gilles had jeans on.

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That sounds too good to be true.

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He's been taught to accept things as they are.


On some OS's you get gibberish for filenames with full-width characters so when downloading please change to a suitable filename.

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I thought you already did that.

Pamela seems to have no interest in baseball.

Dean expects Guy to obey him.

"There are no more cakes?" "I ate both of them."

Can you tell me why you like Leon?

Who's your favorite musician?

That's all in the past.


I'm pretty sure I can help them.

I don't want this anymore.

Can we change the subject, please?


How many of you know Glynn?


I'm about to make a very important phone call.

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I am in a tight place.

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Lunch is at noon.

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No, not me, you!

To climb to the top of Mont Blanc is easier said than done.

They went to Disney World.

There's no need to try to translate a phrase word-for-word.

He's my favorite character.

I have explained to him that.

I have always been interested in working in agriculture.

Maybe we can make a deal.

Who has time for this?

A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers in his life more than is necessary.

I would like to travel in foreign countries while the yen is strong.


Theo teaches me French twice a week.

I've kept a diary in French for the past three years.

He was out of breath when he got here.

That's the feeling I have.

Rees never responded.

I bet Vassos doesn't remember me.

I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Miki's father is taking Lukas and me skiing next weekend.

Maurice should still be in bed.

That's not an option.

She's multilingual.


Putting pieces of bread prevented them from getting lost.

The shopkeeper let this cloth go for almost nothing.

I can't speak English.

Our team can easily beat your team in the first game.

You play a musical instrument, don't you?

He won by a small number of popular votes.

Perhaps they can feel the lines with their bodies.

Are those new shoes?

Is there something I need to know?

The guards must keep watch over the jewels.

Kurt looks more determined than ever.


I had a letter from her yesterday.

Thierry, who is kind, will be glad to do anything for me.

We laughed and laughed.

Attitudes sure have changed.

Debi took his son John to a baseball game.

You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.

It's already nine o'clock.

He was laughed at by all the people present.

I'm more interested in spoken French than in written French.

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We all know he was right after all.

What are you yelling at me for?

In days gone by, things were different.

I'm still in pretty good shape.

Syed didn't seem to understand the question.


I've already sung that song three times tonight.


The movement was spurred by a ragbag of false ideas.

Helge read a poem to Debi.

I'm fairly certain Eddy isn't planning to be at Ti's party.

We just have enough time to eat breakfast.

I should tell you about that sometime.

Knut certainly isn't as healthy as he used to be.

Syed thought that Shai didn't want to swim.

I'm doing my best.

We love them.

Juergen keeps telling everyone how busy he is.

We planted peanuts instead of cotton.


I'm not sure what Stanislaw's objective was.

Emi was surprised at the nice present.

I would like to come to see you.


I'm just surprised.

I'm not sure what size she wears.

Can we see you a second?

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Daren had to admit to himself that Jinchao was right.

How did you enjoy the movie?

His wife's a friend of mine.

You know this textbook is made of recycled paper.

The young sorceress was ordered to turn Linder back into a human, after the teachers learned of her prank.

I'll meet her there.

You have to choose. Wild sex with a stranger, or wild sex with someone who's crazy about you.

You can reasonably expect her to come.

Nothing was funny.

A tear ran down Laurie's cheek.

I use Google every day.

I'm happy to have been able to meet you.

Carisa is the only one who understands this.

He shares a room with his brother.

Galen suffered from a collapsed lung.

I like this tea.

I still have mine.

I cannot make Taninna happy. She doesn't love me.

Women tend to fuss over trifling matters.


I'm sure he is keeping something from me.

It's getting beyond a joke!

And now I'm trouble because of you!

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Do you want to learn Persian?


When do you expect us to do that?

I will give you the radius of the Ferris wheel and then you compute its circumference.

Walk with me, Ahmed.