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The machine was too complicated for us to find out the cause of the trouble.

This is an exact copy of the original.

He bugged her with questions.

Don't let anyone wait in the meeting room.

Only build a house on strong foundations.

I can't pay him today.

I'm tired of listening to his boasts.


Don't hold dinner for me.

Max apologized to us for being late.

Last month, we collected five liters of rainwater.

I've got plenty of friends.

Earl and her family came to the train station to see us off.

Have I made myself clear?

Be careful with him.

A broken mirror brings bad luck.

Where's Rainer supposed to be?

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Who doesn't write love letters?


You're unnecessary.


But life is short!


Did you use it?


You have to have a positive attitude if you want to get ahead in life.

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Barrett isn't a nice person.

I assume you're not interested in playing tennis with us this afternoon.

The earth is not a perfect globe.


Have you ever gone skiing?

They criticized me for coming late.

I didn't give it to them.

Did Pim say anything?

Don't let Clyde use my car.

Swamy wrinkled his brow like he was displeased.

The dictator had the absolute loyalty of all his aides.

Yolks are yellow.

How could I hoodwink him?


There's no student discount.

This is a really good team.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rajesh will win the election.


Lievaart owns a yellow sports car.

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Thank you, that will be enough.

You may not like it.

Jong is the person responsible for everything that happened.

Luc likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

They're able students.

Why don't we stay another hour?

As a boy, he would go to the seaside every summer.

Don't get carried away.

He is my brother, not father.


The instrumental case is one of the most graceful aspects of the Russian language.

She believes her son is still alive.

The deterioration of corporate earnings has yet to bottom out.

Now Dan is a minister.

My primary concern is your safety.

The dog is brown, small and thin.

A bass drum, a snare drum, and cymbals were once all a composer needed to make a work sound exotic.

Father found me a good seat.

I cannot find time to read the book.

He's always spacing out in class.

He is next to me.

"Yes," replied Sanjay decisively.

I'm not in the mood to go to a party.

I am just going for a walk.

He hardly ever works.


Political pundits have begun weighing in on the president's speech.

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

They have been cheated of the best things that life has to offer.


Lana is planting a palm tree in his backyard.

I would like to borrow fifty dollars from you.

Come on, already!

I'm not done with you yet.

This really isn't a good time.


There are many Americans who can speak Japanese.

Let's try to change the system.

Had I known more about his character, I would not have trusted him.

You're very talented.

Would you rather stay here?

He woke up naked and confused.

Piotr loved Boston.

Marie has been to Boston, hasn't he?

I'm a few minutes late.


Tokyo Station is usually very busy.

Would you like to see my tattoo?

Would you like bacon or sausage?

It seems to run in the family.

The telephone rang a few minutes later.

Numbers that can be expressed as fractions of two whole numbers are called rational numbers.

There's always something to do.

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Trying doesn't like this at all.

How is whiskey made?

I already did it.

I'd pay you a visit if I had time.

Can you give them a ride home?

He is an industrious man.

Rafael isn't buying bread.

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I doubt these generalizations.

Amir talked about his family.

Please put the meter on.


The other children laughed.


There seems to be a scarcity of Austrian chat rooms in the Web.

That child talks as if he were an adult.

I saw in the paper that he had returned from the South Pole.

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I think it's amazing.

All the world are good and agreeable in your eyes.

Evan caught Sid prying into her diary, trying to find out if she was seeing someone else.


My father and mother are dead.


That's something we'll improve on.

Too much stress can lead to physical disease.

She shook her head.


We have made many mistakes.


Please don't tell anybody.

She's accustomed to getting up early.

The speaker tried to incite the people to rebellion.

I want to send an airmail letter to Poland.

I'll find someone to fill in for you.

Janice also plays tennis.

A quarrel between husband and wife is like a spring day's drizzle.

The chair is made of wood.

Joyce is strong, but Elijah is stronger.

Would you excuse me, please?

Do you ever think about the meaning of life?

Have moustaches suddenly become trendy?

Open windows are good for cooling.

You want to see Sal again, don't you?

Serdar doesn't like classical music.


Rodger used to love Sridhar.

But I'm not able to use the telephone.

They made him captain of the team.

I remind you that you are still under oath.

What made you believe Vijay was telling the truth?

Deliveries will continue as usual.

I suffer from depression during the winter.

How did he work out the plan?

I'm not making any plans.

I've been wrong before.

Their job is to open the workshop.


We hid our worries from our wives.

We'd better wake them up.

She told him "Nice job!" He answered "No big deal."

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I just hate to see Surya lose.

People are trying to eat around here.

A bastard had to learn to notice things, to read the truth that people hid behind their eyes.

He came to suddenly.

What money he earns he spends on books.

She's a member of a sorority.

It's about this big.


This is the future.

Here's where you can shower.

They are not enemies, but friends.

Were both of them wearing helmets?

We queued up to get tickets for the concert.


I'm also thinking to go to Beijing.

Please lend me your book.

Sometimes Tony visited his family.

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It's never too early to blow our own horns, just don't let it go to your head.


Tomas is now in police custody.

Aren't you tired?

A man of wealth has to pay a lot of income tax.

After much debate, we decided to spend our holidays in Spain.

He had no money.


Which of them do you prefer?


All that he says is true.


Edwin's jealous.


Deb's father warned Jingbai to stay away from his daughter.

I've been foolish.

Was Jun the one who gave you that?