Kelly brought the matter to light.

Our school is in the south of the city.

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Life is really tough sometimes.


I think Naresh is gullible.

Children play with blocks.

I want to ride a horse.

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I abandoned my plans.

Gunter didn't actually do anything.

That question doesn't concern me.


Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.


She can't find her keys.

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Dominic never came back home.


We couldn't stop them.

Irfan told the police he had been framed.

I prepared breakfast for them.

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Everyone knows that there is something new in this old capital.

I bit my lip.

The city is found west of London.

The main crop of Japan is rice.

I would recommend otherwise.

I don't think you can ignore this problem anymore.

I was overtaken by that car.

Narendra wanted to know where we were going.

I don't have the feeling for Chinese music in my body.

Duke slept through the whole thing.

What did he ask you?


I supported her even against my father.


The wedding will take place at the end of October.


Would you have an uneasy feeling if you told me about that?


It doesn't have to be like that.

A quarrel estranged one boy from the other.

Simone asked, "How are you? Well?"

Del never expected that Anatole would fall in love with John.

All you have to do is to wait for her reply.

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I thought you were going to ask us to leave.

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Read the kind of books that teach you something.

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I fail to understand what the problem is.


Figure up how much it amounts to.

I played tennis after school was over.

If you eat three meals a day, your body will find the energy it needs.

Those are the children you gave the book to.

Stockings are hung for Santa Claus to fill during the night.

How can you have a belfry without bats?

You never know when Conrad might show up.

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It's to your left.

He utters an exclamation of annoyance.

The French believe that nothing is impossible.


Where a genius shows up, the fools fraternize.

Forgive your enemy, but remember the name of that bastard.

We'll see you later.

"I've a touch of a cold." "That's too bad."

I demand a refund!

This is so beautiful I cried a little.

Let's list all the reasons not to do that.

Please get off my land.

There was a bunch of geese flying in different groups.


She speaks English and also speaks Swahili.

The world's greatest singers and most of its famous musicians have been fat or at least decidedly plump.

I'm hoping that something interesting happens.

Actually, I'm kind of happy to be leaving.

Did you see anything interesting?

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Julius went into Francis's office.

Revised said you were cool.

Let's make it better.

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Are vampires real?

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Their rude behavior makes me angry.

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We cannot offer a further price reduction under the current circumstances.

Two members of the parliament were removed from office.

Go play on the highway, kids!


Your book has changed my life.

Brian saw a ghost.

How would you reword this sentence to make it sound more natural?

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That's thoughtful.


There were no schools for the deaf at that time.

He hit three home runs, scoring eight runs.

Patrick and Guy were my backup singers back when I used to perform.


Why should I worry?


Hanako questioned his sincerity.

I have to stop procrastinating.

Esperanto is the language of love.

Robots can withstand dangerous conditions.

Let me teach you some verbs.

If the weather is good, I'll go out tomorrow.

I'm being completely serious right now.

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The region boasts the most beautiful ladies of the country.

That's what we call an "otoshidama".

"I saw her five days ago," he said.

Take your hand off my back.

Courtney is only a couple of years younger than Jingbai.

At any rate, I did my duty.

When Tracy reached the bus stop, the last bus had already left.

What the heck?

Mortal enemies are immortal friends.

Duncan often leaves dirty dishes in the sink.

His heart misgave him.

Think car-pools with friends to save on parking fees in the city.

I can't tell you what Hal told me.

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Nicole can speak Japanese very well.

I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil.

Can other people catch it?

I think Dustin could help you.

Is it always cold like this?

He can't be hungry. He's just had lunch.

How old are you, anyway?

Turn the music up!

You can't come tomorrow.


I think I may vomit.

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There's not much more to add.


Where du you think you're going?

Aimee is her brother.

Yesterday I ran across her at the station.

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This is the first time I've ever brought a painter home.


Mason never told me he had been in the army.

He will tell everything to me sooner or later.

That cold shake is full of protein.

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He definitely wants to get married in a church.

Nine out of ten voters believe Maria is best suited to take over as leader. But Fletcher will abstain from voting.

You can't let Emma get on that train.

Would you do me a favor?

Say it to your sister!

Don't be an asshole.

Thus we see an old truth confirmed: war is always useless.

I think Beckie hates my dog.

Can you help me out here?

Kyle is in love with me.

I hope you can be a better father than I was.

This new town is beautifully laid out.

Shuvra hasn't changed his mind and probably never will.

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Rudolf referred to his notes.

Rodger promised to wait.

The young boy is in danger of drowning.

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The calculator is a wonderful invention.

You're losing me.

I'm not taking advantage of your orchard.

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Eschatology is the study of end-times: personal and corporate.

Should I drive on the way back?

Petr can't leave.

Tarmi said he feels better.

The policeman did not believe my story, and I thought it was no good arguing with him.

That's awesome.

He doesn't need to know.

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Are you married or are you single?


Spyros couldn't help us.

There were no newspapers.

We can't leave her alone.

What you say is neither here nor there.

Run as fast as you can and don't let go of my hand.


She scratched her itch through the scalp to the brain.


It's not the first time.

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Have you read any good books lately?

Father objected to my going to the mountain alone.

I'm studying at a classical gymnasium.

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I'm really happy for her.