ProOsseous, LLC

Formed in 2017, ProOsseous, LLC. is an innovative bone graft company that focuses on the discovery and development of new modalities for the improved treatment of osseous diseases and disorders. Leveraging its strong working relationship with the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY) Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, the main activity of ProOsseous is to further develop and commercialize a proprietary synthetic bone graft material (US Patent #7,767,226)  comprised (100%) of hemihydrated nano-particles of calcium sulfate. This truly unique material has biological and chemical properties superior to any product  presently available to heal defects/wounds in bone and associated tissues.  While the lead indication for use of this technology is repair of critical-sized defects in the oral/maxillo-facial region, ProOsseous also intends to conduct additional feasibility studies to determine if this novel material could effectively target broader bone regeneration applications such as in the spine, long bones and other reconstructive surgery sites.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a brand new generation of synthetic bone graft materials for the improved repair of bony lesions and defects. Driven by practitioner demand, our novel material is safe, easily moldable, sets in a few minutes and provides a stable scaffold for the advanced regeneration of bone. In addition, this material has the unique quality of acting as a biologic barrier to prevent connective tissue prolapse and epithelial growth into the lesion, both of which significantly delay proper healing. (708) 479-7014


Dr. Genco is one of four management team members for ProOsseous, LLC. Learn more