I can't see the end.

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Jeffery wished he had more time to spend with his children.

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Space fell asleep sitting up in the chair.


Mwa is going to be very angry.

I want you to look at something.

I've had a headache for three days and I can't get rid of it.

I'm not senile.

Let's help Pamela.

It's not always so easy to do the right thing.

My sister married a high school teacher last June.

Once upon a time, there lived an old man.

It's imperative that you follow the instructions carefully.


Before graduation, I went to visit my teacher to express my gratitude for everything he'd done for me.


Mother looks young for her age.

Don't get all worked up over the price!

A possible side effect of the contraceptive pill is a loss of sex drive.


You're a gentleman.


I wonder if Kristin can sing as well as Saad.

As a result of pollution, the lake is without any form of life.

I am Paola.

They said he had acted shamefully.

This sort of thing just doesn't happen here.


If you're so smart, then why don't you take over my lesson and I'll just sit here and giggle!

That's always a good sign.

Are you still living with your parents?

I approve of everything that you said.

Come into my office.

The wolf went into the henhouse.

When I've done with this pen, you can use it.

I broke her heart.

There is a half empty bottle of wine in the fridge.

He had no friend from whom he could borrow the money.

Wendi doesn't need to explain it to me. I already understand it.

What's that stuff?

You shouldn't spend more than you earn.


Darin says he doesn't blame Neil for what happened.

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This is just speculation.


Can Murat drive himself home?

We shouldn't trust them.

Smaller classes mean a higher standard of education, and that's what we want for our kids.


My sister will prepare breakfast.

He has taken charge of his father's company.

I just want to know why you brought me here.

I keep a large dictionary close at hand when I read English magazines.

HTTP 2 just adds a new layer of complexity without solving any real-world problems.

Vaughn believed in Amy's innocence.

You can count on him.


He is a good English scholar, and, what is more, a good teacher.

Glenn is the star of the show.

Neither of us wants to get married.

Honzo is engaged to Sonny's younger sister.

Why is Boston such a popular destination for tourists?


Cris started to get hungry.


She thought in a good way to get money with the help of the internet.


To my surprise, since Tatoeba has been back up, nobody has made any corrections to my sentences. Either my English has rapidly improved and I now produce good sentences only, which is way doubtful, or the users have simply decided to leave me alone and let me write whatever comes to my mind.


I won't cook for her.

I have a bad temper.

I wish I had more time to talk with you.

This rule cannot be applied to you.

The sight made my blood freeze.

There seems to be some genetic problem with this animal.

We've got a very serious problem.

Something must've happened to change Mysore's mind.

That all happened at about the same time.

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This box is almost empty.

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Just give me my money.

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You said you wanted to swim.


I want to be a problem solver.

I am as much in the wrong as you are about not writing before this.

Do you want us to take you home?


Rees and Herb have been married for three years.

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Erick isn't far behind us.

Monty came racing down the stairs.

It's cooler here.

Leave well enough alone.

This wind announces a storm.

Frederic often stays up late at night.

If she had been a little more patient, she could have succeeded.

Sir will never be forgotten.

He is fat as a bear.

It's a cellphone.

Did you love Srivatsan?

My baby can't talk yet. He just cries.

I'll jump in.


The policeman arrested the thief.

Have a beer with me.

Sarah, I believe you have what it takes to be a great volleyball player.


That would be my response.

I married when I was 19 years old.

Louise wasn't able to swim.

He said he was already more than fifty years old, fifty five, to be precise.

She ran as fast as possible.


Manolis is a hairdresser.


I hope Mara is right.

The old man was run over and immediately taken to the hospital.

My grandfather cannot walk without a stick.

Could you take my picture?

Both teams have thirteen points.

Kylo doesn't know Karen's address.

We are dependent on each other.

It's not a good idea to ask a woman how old she is.

Charles looked like he was jealous.

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Teriann knows how to repair computers.

They had been thumping the drum all along.

Is that a boy or a girl?

Today is my second day of my side job.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

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He who buries his head in the sand today will grind his teeth tomorrow.


We found her a wise lady.

Did you cut your hair?

Stay where I can see you.

Don't you know who I am?

You need to stay there.

They took him to the hospital for his fever.

Elias carried two boxes into the storage room.


I'll pack my bag.

Could you talk to Mikael for me?

The spin-dryer was to be set to 400.

I don't believe you two are acquainted.

He has regular conversations with his wife.

A bat is not a bird any more than a fish is.

The kurds, numbering an estimated fourty million people, are the world's largest nation without a state of their own.


Why don't you give it to Murph?

Syd didn't remember asking Sue for help.

Jianyun gave Francois a romantic kiss.


He's a skater.

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Don't give me any more trouble.


We must trust women as much as we can trust the weather.


Bullying won't be tolerated.

In my childhood, I believed in Santa Claus.

There must be a way we can convince Nicolo to work for us.


I ate breakfast at eight.


Kyung fried an egg.

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They're so tired because they've been working around the clock for 2 days.


I did not want to attract attention.

Sedat fed the sheep.

Let's drink another beer.

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Joon's parents were shocked.

How do we draw this conclusion?

You have hidden talents.

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Herman put down his spoon and picked up a fork.

Don't kid yourself.

When will she have to go abroad?

He consumed much of each day in idle speculation.

Clarissa often eats lunch with his friends.


I'm always in harmony with myself.


It's going to happen sooner or later.

She is able to answer your question.

The scene made my stomach turn.

You always were the smart one.

Shall I walk you home?

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Stephen and I have fun together.

He made her a bookshelf.

I don't drink all that much beer.