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Internet Testing Systems (ITS) provides a wide range of services and software to empower the testing community. From our internet-based services to our software tools that automate the test development and delivery process, ITS has the solution for you!

More than just practice tests! ITS provides a web-based virtual classroom where members take practice tests, obtain in-depth diagnostics, and receive support from advisors and other community members. Let ITS handle all the work, host the site, generate revenue, and add new services for your customers. (601) 433-1867

Having trouble with your computer testing vendor? Switching from paper and pencil? ITS provides a secure, proctored testing channel, using advanced technology that improves service and lowers your operational costs. Best of all, you will leverage the ITS software and services that make us truly unique in the industry. More…

Do you have the tools to properly manage your testing program? Can you get a report of your volumes? How about e-mailing your candidates? Ever had trouble generating fulfillment? Spending time and money answering candidate calls? Let ITS help. We utilize our redundant, 24x7 data center to store your results and provide you with the tools to effectively manage your testing program.

ITS has the best technology in the market place to automate and manage your testing program. From item banking to test drivers to scoring tools, our suite of software is the most robust, flexible, and cost effective way to drive your testing program into the future. Start building your future with the ITS Workshop Tools today! 4843982951

For a variety of reasons, many testing programs have chosen to use multiple vendors to deliver their testing programs. As you probably have discovered, this choice brings its own problems. If you have or are thinking of having multiple vendors, ITS can help.

There are a lot of myths around about using the internet for testing. We believe the internet is a technology that adds convenience, lowers cost, and improves service. 605-495-5840 to get the real scoop on internet testing.

Information is the lifeblood of a testing program. Are you getting detailed information about your testing events and centers? ITS provides software to manage and report on center configuration and driver diagnostic information.

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