Antonio looks like his father.

The stone was carved into a large statue.

This is a woman.

I am allowed 1,000 yen a month for books.

New Order of the Ages


Eduardo doesn't want to get in trouble again.

Francisco keeps on making the same mistakes.

My kids used to go there.

Her son meant everything to her.

Well, you were right.

How did you know it was Brad who stole your money?

Indra doesn't know the difference between a Roma and a Hungarian.

Tell me which one of these you want.

The improvements we've made on the assembly line could eventually lower prices.

I will live in prosperity.

I saw flashes of lightning in the distance.

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You look really hot.

Spock took off his shirt.

We didn't do anything productive during these vacations.

Thad left just after Jeany left.

I finished my lunch quickly.

The picture reminds me of my family.

Is there something more?

Let's not go over that again.

You're just comforting yourself with a fantasy!

The stock price index was off 200 points yesterday.

He cannot afford it.


To think means to compare.

There is no life on the moon.

Clarence didn't think Pieter's joke was funny at all.

Dan has to learn to think for himself.

He was too drunk to drive home.

Please do exactly as I say.

Tollefsen feigned concern.

There's plenty of water.

You should stay away from that woman.

Three other soldiers were wounded.

Children don't like to take a bath.

They won't make it.

Generally speaking, the young people of today are clever.

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There is no telling what would happen if she doesn't show up.

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Isn't that a coincidence?


I'm not certain Donna is the one who stole my bicycle.

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A professional thief can jimmy a car door in no time.

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I hope he'll be able to come! I'd like to see him.

Place the words in the appropriate order to make sentences.

Nathan doesn't understand French.


This morning the teacher got very angry with me.


They trudged up the frosted hill, every step a testament of their will to live.


My mother's sister is my aunt.

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Let not my love be called idolatry, nor my beloved as an idol show, since all alike my songs and praises be to one, of one, still such, and ever so.


He should be hibernated!

The flood did great damage to the crops.

We just got this car.


The drummer grabbed the drumsticks and made the music start.

I'm a regular at this gym.

Kimberly didn't even bother to ask Celeste what she thought.


All men have fullfilled their duty.

They're having a going-out-of-business sale.

I need to feed her.

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

I'm not sure Old would help.

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When will you leave for New York?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I expect to sing better next time.

No one has seen him since.

Thank you for dedicating a poem to me in Berber.

Does anybody know what happened to Uri?

I think I speak French very well.

Rich as he is, he is not happy.

That animal feeds on flesh.

Moses is in the kitchen making dinner.

I asked them to sign the papers.

However long you try to hide it, the lies will come out anyway.

Maurice had no money left.

I don't want anybody writing about me.

It seems the navy jets had a major screw-up in navigation and they bombed their own troops by mistake.

It was hard for them to say no.

How do you say XXX in your language?

Dan met Linda outside.

The restaurant owner allowed her to take table scraps home to feed all of her dogs.

She gave him an expensive watch.

How is your daughter?

The chairman rejected his absurd proposal.

His scores could only be properly interpreted by authentic virtuosos.


There's clearly something wrong.


Piete married young.

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Don't thank me. Thank Sanjeev.

I won't be offended.

The art of writing is useful.

Would you like a second serving?

Mott makes a shit-ton of dough.

There is no denying that he is clever.

I don't really need your help.

Rebecca almost always wears dark clothes.

I still think about Merril all the time.

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You have to get up early tomorrow. Why don't you go to bed?


I'm well today.


Have you ever spent any time in Boston?

She prides herself on her driving skill.

My father is home.

Plastic asked Blair if he could walk her home.

And the yellow one?

I could see Tokyo Tower far away.

The Turkish team performed well, making us all happy. However, it could not qualify for the final.


The affair will come to a happy conclusion.

What makes you think I'm rich?

OK. Go ahead.


She advises him on technical matters.


Roger will be furious.

Did Barrett remember to do what we asked him to do?

I want you to wait for me until I get through with work at 7.

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You should've phoned me right away.

I will show her my car.

Blayne isn't the kind of man who would say that kind of thing.


I think I'll be able to do it.

We are both friends.

The glass was dashed to pieces.

I should've tried to convince Kirsten to stay.

Stop trying to fool us.

Giles might want to consider giving Kitty the loan she asked for.

I'm afraid of losing you.


I don't know her telephone number.

Jacob has never been mean to me.

He anticipated traveling abroad the next year.

Neil's sentences are clear and easy to translate.

Misfortune never comes singly.

A real friend will tell you the truth.

You are a workaholic.

Timothy was the only survivor of the crash.

I have an ear infection.


Manavendra doesn't want to go to school today.


I cared about him.


Would somebody look after her?

My feet hurt so much, I think that I must have run them right through to the bone.

I worry about Alf, too.

Did anything surprise you?

They usually use an anchor to hold a yacht in place.

Kimmo should be there.

"Did it help?" "A little."

He told me about the accident as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Am I still under arrest?


"I'm undercooked," said the food.


I think we should stop doing that.

Ready for November?

The vote on the question was close.


Loyd wanted to sleep under the stars.

This is an instance of modern British life.

Dan saw Linda talking to an unknown man outside her home.

It was good working with you.

Being a teacher is hard work.


I can see everyone.

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The TV isn't plugged in.

Lonhyn's car is a Fiat.

Do you know how deep the water is?


The beer glass is almost bigger than you are.

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Prejudice will continue to exist.

Let me give you a bit of advice.

Virtue is a thing that may be taught.

Having washed my skirt in the cold water of a spring, I sat a while.

Do all the exercises at the end of the chapter.