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Welcome to the
UNH Earth Systems Observatory

Overarching Mission:

The UNH Earth Systems Observatory serves as a regionally focused yet nationally-prominent platform for observation-based, integrative science and management of the New England/Gulf of Maine's environmental systems, from white water-to-blue water.

Integration of information across ecosystem boundaries is critical to a complete understanding of regional, State, and local-scale environmental challenges. Interactions among atmospheric, land, coastal and ocean based processes are all considered through the UNH Earth Systems Observatory.

Observatory Structure:

The Observatory stucture is multifaceted. State of the art server technology is the engine; environmental data sets are the fuel and users drive the analyses through custom designed web tools for specific data portals. This structure allows access to users from many levels from environmental managers to citizen monitoring groups to scientific researchers.

observatory design Key components of the integrated UNH Earth Systems Observatory. Elements include Geospatial Data, IT Infrastructure, Working Groups, an Advisory Board and an Outreach/Education component.


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