There are some children around the office.

Please be careful in Boston, OK?


He has only read 10 pages so far, I've already read 60.

I did without heating all through the winter.

When and where did you buy that old clock?


I couldn't have done it by myself.

It is better to struggle and suffer than to have everything and be bored.

That's a sloppy job.

Chet could use some sleep.

I applied for membership in the association.

I thought you'd like to see this.

It is what the law ordains.

We must always do our best.

Mother is busy keeping house.

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It's time for you to leave.

We've done all that we could.

The coffee has a nice aroma.


I'll heat up the soup for you.

Let's wait for a while and see how you do.

My girlfriend doesn't know.

The washing is still damp wet.

However he wasn't seriously hurt and got away with light bruising.


I don't know how to explain it.

Get out of my face, Rob.

Mohammad acts scared.

She has missed this.

Do you remember the day when we saw the accident?


I'd like two one-way tickets from A to B.

The Diet is the chief organ of government in Japan.

Such a custom is characteristic of the British.

I want to know when my baggage is going to arrive.

Will anyone believe us?

You can't buy that at the local convenience store.

It is still possible to make a profit when prices are falling.

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We cannot continue our conversation while those people are present.


He danced all night long.

Why don't we just stay in?

Srinivas is a storm chaser.

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What's the best cure for loneliness?

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I talked to him on the phone.

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No one would blame you if you left right now.

I was compelled to leave school.

Please let me finish.


Everybody's here.

I exchanged stamps with him.

It is necessary for you to work hard.

She expressed her gratitude to all those who had supported her.

I just want to be a good person.

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Well, it's not going to happen.


Let me help you with those.

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I have a spare key.


I'm suffering from a broken heart.


When will I get to Boston?

If today was Sunday, I would go fishing.

I have often heard him say that.

Please don't make me waste a bullet on you.

I'm pleased of my doorman.

The old woman fell an easy prey to the fraud.

Does Father know you've broken his watch?

We've got a job for you.

How unappreciative can you get?


Stop looking at me like that!


Neal hit Emily with her purse.

What a joke!

Hamilton can talk his way out of anything.

Lisa decided to keep a diary.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

His house is by the river.

I found his house with ease.

He thinks that's normal.

For every action, there is a corresponding reaction.

Can I use your car for a little while?

Why didn't you tell me Win was ready?

A big ship is anchored near here.

Sridharan had barely enough money to pay his bills last month.

They didn't know that this was going to happen.

Sid was invited to the party.

Many people pushed their way toward the rear exit.

We got a good price for that.

Van is a community leader.

Let's hope Laurence hasn't made a mistake.

By other's faults wise men correct their own.

Micheal told Linder that he believed what John said.


I was up for hours last night thinking about wondering what I should do.

Look, I can explain this.

Sonja still doesn't understand French very well.


He has a smooth tongue.

Perhaps he could solve this problem.

It doesn't seem that big.

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This is the first time I've ever poured a glass of this drink.


What did you have for breakfast?

I sold my guitar today.

Target was targeted by cybercriminals.

We should use the electric blankets tonight.

He improved the device.


He was allowed to go swimming on condition that he be kept near the other boys.

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Don't worry. Everything's OK.

She was going up a ladder.

Lynne could've given me more money.

This matter does not concern me.

You're not that scary.


Give me your blessing.

Douglas wants to become a surgeon.

No one was listening to Rebecca.

Lance was the first one to speak.

He blamed it on me.

He grasped the rope with two hands.

I couldn't be more pleased.


She felt uneasy at the thought of her future.

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I got up early to catch the first train.

She has a ring worth more than she can imagine.

Pick a name from this list.

David and Cathryn agreed not to talk to their children in French.

Val is indecisive.

I didn't make that mistake again.

More coffee, please.

I've been in contact with her.

His doctors told him that he would see, hear, and taste as before.


He lingered in the classroom after school was over.


You have to go.


The girl has a white horse.

This guide book will help you to make plans for the trip.

I'd like to know what you talked about.


Why did you lend money to someone like her?

Keep to the left, please.

The fundamental problem in arguing with a person who denies global warming is that they use erroneous logic.

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I don't know the ABC of business.

We already have enough to worry about.

Today was different.

I try to leave room for dessert.

You don't have to finish that.


Ask me tomorrow.

I think I can come over this afternoon.

Margot says that he was in Boston that night.


She has brilliant experience working in theaters.

He likes you!

Lorraine worked on the job alone.

Can you see Yvonne's boat?

I never forget a face.

Step on the scale.

Did you go anywhere last night?

You're really an angel!

The stage was sprinkled with flower petals.

It was the lark, the herald of the morn, no nightingale.

Ritchey is unusual.

I hope I didn't interrupt you.

Your answer is incorrect.

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I read my horoscope every day.


His eyes were shining with joy.

Don't talk to me. Just give me paper.

It's against my principles.

Stephen started taking boxing lessons when he turned twelve.

I'll meet you in the lobby at three.


You were not of great help to me today.


Will anyone believe us?

Steam is rising from the pot.

I'm half an inch taller than Randall.

Apart from the weather, it was a good picnic.

I shuddered at the sight of the snake.

No one cares.

You already have one of those.