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About us

ADAHotel is international hotels contractor and distributor

Our unique blend of product, technology, service and industry expertise is what makes us the World’s Bedbank.

A history of continual growth and always looking for new opportunities that have made us who we are today.


Our growth has come about thanks to our constant search for new opportunities and expansion into new destinations and markets.


Direct Contracted Hotels

We reach2000 Muliple cities and popular destinations20,000+High quality direct contracted hotels for you to choose

Lowest price

Our platform intergrates channel managers of various hotel groups and direct link to the PMS of international hotels


Powered by technical elite of the industry, we build most stable hotel booking engine for you

Customer Service

Our customer service team to provide professional customer support and services, For you to deal with all kinds of special customer service requirements

Our Culture

Intergrity, Createvity, Respect for people is our core value. It’s a simple concept and one very powerful idea. Our culture is what will breathe life into our vision to reshape travel while at the time simplifying all our touchpoints with our partners. Our culture is what has helped us get to where we are today and it’s what will help us reshape travel tomorrow. It’s what makes us great to do business with and great to work for. We endeavour to be creative, daring, collaborative and we pro-actively seek better and more efficient ways to make a difference in the world of travel. So if you think that you can help us reshape travel, just visit our careers page and be part of our winning formula.


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Our core business focus is supplying hotel accommodation to the travel trade. By cooperating with thousands of international hotels we are able to offer an outstanding selection of global hotel accommodation at the lowest rates. Create better service experiences. For hoteliers, we work with hotels of all sizes and status, from leading 5-star institutions and all-inclusive resorts to independent 1-star youth hostels. To find out more about the benefits we offer our hotel partners; For agents, we have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of a diverse client base. To find out more about the benefits we offer our clients, From small independent distributors to internationally renowned tour operators.


Booking process

1. Check the hotel

  • Select your city, check-in dates, and number of rooms to find out the list of available hotels

2. Fill in the check-in information

  • Fill in the gender and name of the occupant in each room according to the room type.

3. Payment before the latest payment date

  • After the booking is successful, the system will be prompted for the latest payment date

4. Check-in

  • Payment settled,Please print your Voucher and show it to the hotel reception.

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