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Please tell me what this means.

It would have been better if you came yesterday so that many people would see you!

Tomorrow's a holiday.


He has a way with women.

Most signs around here are written in French.

You know that that is the cry of the prophets.

Esperanto is an aid for teaching foreign languages.

Do you speak German or English?

I don't think I'm overemotional.

They chartered a bus for the firm's outing.

I can tell you where to find Neil.

Make sure of your facts before you write the paper.

The capacity of ecosystems to buffer the impacts of extreme events like fires, floods, and severe storms is being overwhelmed.

The ice will crack beneath our weight.

You should observe the school rules.

Do you know who they are?

That automatically disqualifies him from speaking on the subject.

I almost won.

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I just want to see what happens.

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I'm very sleepy and it's late.

The legend gave the name to the place.

He will try to have his own way.

Not everyone is a motherfucker.

He wanted to absent himself from the class.

Nobody asked you.

Mark's foolery is already making Rosa sick.

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Suffixes, 1: "-ion" creates nouns that show the meaning of 'action, state, process, results,' and so on.

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I want to become better at French.

I'll stay with Lucifer until you return.

It's much better now.

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Talking of soccer, Neymar is the player of the moment.


Is there something to drink in the fridge?

The world is what we make of it.

He likes watching baseball games on TV.

If you want to use Chinese characters, be sure you've saved your files in the UTF-8 encoding.

Kate was surprised by Brian's story.


I spent some good summer vacations!

I'm having an extremely hard time trusting you.

Eugene jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm clock went off.

Where is the problem?

Soak this sponge in water.

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The car is not illegally parked.

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Izzy bought a sweater.

How many languages are spoken on Earth?

I'll take your suitcase to your room, sir.


The boy enjoyed painting a picture.

Everybody regards him as honest.

You left your keys in the door.

Now it's up to you!

Did you happen to see them?

The rain follows me everywhere!

In order to stay awake I may have to drink more coffee.

He is about thirty.

I'll be there sometime after lunch.

Get away from me.

There's no one around.


I wanted to speak with you first.

Hubert told me he'd do that.

I am ready to help you.


The principal shook hands with each of the graduates.


Shall we add a bit more salt?

They kidnapped me, drugged me, and then brainwashed me.

He is good at rugby.

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I never see you without thinking of my mother.

If you want to kiss me, then kiss me.

I'll have to warn her.

Would you cut it out?

Wonderful was the fighting spirit of the Australian rugby team.

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What are you doing Monday night?

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Daryl thinks Jarmo will never come back to Boston.

Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.

Bacteria will not breed in alcohol.


Steen talked Griff into joining our band.

I can speak Chinese.

How much fun do you think it'll really be?


It's about time you were independent of your parents.

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Lynn did his best to distance himself from Maureen.

It was really cold.

I'll be staying here for another three days.

Who were the original people here?

There is an urgent need for money.

Could you please help me figure this out?

Didn't you go to Boston for a week last summer?


The police chased the escaped convict.

I don't speak French as well as I want to.

It is not acceptable to our moral code.


She made a man of him.

We've dodged another bullet.

Up until now, they've been good neighbors.

He is too little to take the book from the shelf.

Why should anyone be surprised?


I like learning various languages.

Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan.

I've been looking for you all day.

This is not true love.

We'll have lived here for two years next April.


My English is anything but good.

Eddy has been studying French for three years.

Close your book.

He said: "Leave me alone!"

Who invented bifocals?

You may go to your room.

That is such a high mountain as old people can't climb.

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"Please open the door." "Just a minute."

He went about making a doghouse.

You'd better believe it.


This feels so good.

Now answer my question or you'll be standing tall before the man.

If you buy me an ice cream, I'll give you a kiss.

From now on, you're one of us.

Edward told me to face the truth.

Tell her thanks.

The storm brought about much damage.

I'm prepared to do anything to better myself.

I've been thinking about this.

I am afraid of bears.

Naresh says he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.


Don't talk about her that way.


She has a blog.

The flesh smells horrible.

We will have some visitors one of these days.

Is it true that Nathan won't come to our party?

That would be unreasonable.


Merat spent the night at a friend's house.

Come and sit over here.

We'll let her decide.


There's no way to tell.

Hughes knew it was a lie.

It's very interesting.

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I wish you could meet her.

The art of modern warfare does not necessarily require soldiers to be armed to the teeth to be effective as combatants.

Srikanth put his briefcase on the floor next to his desk.


He makes good use of the pheasants he hunts. He has a purpose for every part of the bird.


Susan broke the dish on purpose to show her anger.

Piercarlo said he wanted to be your friend.

Mirabelles are also delicious when pureed.

He made mistake after mistake.

Why don't we drop by to see her?

The coelacanth inhabits the deep sea.

Juha might need to help Lucius.

Their climbing of Mt. Everest was a great achievement.

It's good to see you, too.

This is a terrible thing to say to a woman.

I just want a little more variety in my life.

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You're just a girl.

The girls were not afraid, but the boys were.

Some creationists believe that Adam and Eve had no navels, and that the trees in the Garden of Eden had no growth rings.

Have you got something for me?

I'll give you all that you deserve.

Alexis applied for a job as a French teacher.

I am pleased to see you.

All right, let's settle down.

Don't rush to my defense.

The water tank teems with mosquito larvae.

That guy is a party pooper.

Remembering when I dreamed in your arms.

Ruth didn't have as much trouble getting a loan as he thought he would.

Koko is a female gorilla.

I didn't understand them.

Roland wanted to hit Louie, but John stopped him.

Vice's new book is about Arthur.

Shamim won't tell me how much he paid for his new computer.

Julia didn't go, and neither did I.

You can't just change your mind.

Incentives must be introduced.