Omnia nos utimur moris est in caput anguli. Habemus nisi signa summum fastigium delecto.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our practice and everything we do. We possess nothing but the highest standards of integrity.


Satis est principium huius nostrae legis utimur. Intelligimus autem optimo iure usus sit amet est et etiam prius.

Our client's satisfaction is paramount in our practice of the law. We understand that excellent legal service is important to you and it is our priority too.


Sed ut curo vestri optimus casus optime exitus nostri products.

We manage your cases in the best possible way to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

About Us

Golden Law LLC (formerly known as Mona Hwang & Co) is a boutique law firm with its office located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Being small is the new big these days, and we are a firm consisting of seasoned professionals that have credentials, experience and legal acumen to deliver only the desired results of the highest standard driven by a “personal touch”.

Founded in 2010 (formerly Mona Hwang & Co), the Firm’s practice areas are primarily in Commercial and Property Law (Conveyancing), including the Sale, Purchase, Mortgage and Refinancing/Redemption of real properties (Real Estate). Our expertise in Property Law also includes part-share sale and purchase of private properties as well as term loan facilities.

We also offer legal advice and representation in Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody and Maintenance disputes), as well as Probate matters.

At Golden Law LLC, having to perpetually strive for excellence is well accentuated in our work ethic; our industry-focused approach empowers us with comprehensive industry insights coupled with a sophisticated set of legal skills to provide our clients with a constructive and informed perspective.

Our dedicated professionals foster a culture that is collaborative and innovative as we strive for the highest quality of work for our clients without having to compromise on any of our key values. Our wealth of experience in this area of law also enables us to tackle the complexities of every possible legal matter in the best possible and cost-effective manner.

We apply well-formulated processes in producing efficient solutions to meet each of our clients’ specific needs.

In short, we pursue nothing but the exceptional. And we deliver nothing else.