The SchnittkeGroup

Is an Ontario, Canada based ‘not-for-profit’ organization focused on promoting a better quality of life through the use of Education and Conservation.


By awarding Scholarships to students who excel in fields of study focusing on the use of OpenSource Software Technologies. These technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Linux and BSD Operating Systems
  • OpenSource Hypervisor technologies
  • LAMP Stack technologies including Apache, MySQL, & PostGres
  • DevOps, Automation, & Orchestration using Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Conservational & Environmental Awareness

By increasing our conservational awareness, we can better assess and limit the footprint we leave in places such as the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. We believe that it is vital for areas like this to be maintained so they can be enjoyed by generations of humans as well as the wild and plant life which are indigenous to them.

Sensory Pollution:

As our populations increase, so do levels of ambient sensory pollution, most notably in the form of Noise and Light. If you live in a large urban area, have you ever noticed the stars are no longer visible sometimes, even on clear nights? Have you noticed that the drone of engines, never goes away anymore?

There are a great many documents outlining the dangers and health hazards associated with these forms of pollution. See the links below for more information.


How Can You Help?

Donations are the heart of our organisation. Your donations provide the necessary funds to augment the scholarships we offer to technology students in our area.

Click below if you would like to make a donation.


Scholarship information:

If you are a student or a contributer, click the link below to get more information on the scholarships we offer.

(917) 629-4551