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July 31, 2021

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歡迎訪問網站 EPRIS,在法語中意為迷戀,是一個充滿夢幻氣息的品牌。“為愛而設計”是我們的宗旨。   設計靈感來源於浪漫的愛情故事,每一雙鞋都像徵著不同的女神。希望姑娘們都能穿上充滿愛與美的鞋子走向幸福。   適合派對、婚禮、晚會、舞會、雞尾酒會、畢業典禮和任何其他特殊場合的時裝設計禮服鞋。我們的鞋子包括許多元素,例如水鑽、蕾絲、領結、網眼和細高跟鞋。   我們注意到質量、舒適和時尚都很重要,所以我們關心客戶的需求,堅持使用 100% 真皮做鞋。讓您感到舒適、美麗、被愛是我們的職責。 台灣婚鞋。 Taiwan handmade. epris Wedding shoes High heels leather shoes Little white shoes Lazy shoes, casual shoes Derby shoes Oxford shoes Black leather shoes Coffee leather shoes leather shoes Store Wedding shoes So difficult to choose wedding shoes? !Avoid 5 taboos to let you get married smoothly! Today, I’m going to tell you “5 kinds of wedding dresses and wedding shoes color matching for the bride’s appearance”. There are really thousands of ways to match wedding shoes and wedding dresses. The following will use actual brides’ wedding photos. Let me explain to everyone that the beautiful color scheme will really make the audience stunning and unforgettable! Make sure that novice friends who don’t know how to match colors can easily match fashionable and popular super beautiful matches! Many people would think that beautiful bridal shoes are so important? Will you really see it? Just wear it whatever you want, right? Actually, wedding shoes will be seen in many situations, such as taking wedding dresses, wedding shoes six ceremony, Wending wedding banquet, stepping on a small bench, getting married, walking up and down the stairs, etc.! The point is that if […] read more
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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Tiles

Regardless of what everybody says, building a new space is one long and challenging ordeal, and when it comes to putting down the floor of the place, it’s even more confusing as well as important because not only it serves one’s purpose of a floor, it also shows off what your personal space is exactly. In recent years, tiles have gained preference over other types of floorings as they are durable, non-allergic, require low maintenance and are eco-friendly. But, before one decides to start off with these there are a few things to be kept in mind before buying tiles. Here is how to pick up the best for your space- 1. Decide size according to the space and area Keep in mind the area where the tiles will be put up. Visualize the space and size of the room. By choosing the right flooring, the entire setting can be transformed. If the room is large, big and large tiles would look graceful on the floor. Small sized rooms look pretty with small tiles while medium sized rooms appear nice with either medium sized tiles or with various tiles mixed and matched to show nice patterns adding a speck of luxury to […] read more
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