1. Mistakes Affecting Your Safety

Residential HVAC, as comforting and cozy as it makes you and your family feel, involves a lot of potential “behind-the-scenes” dangers in the hands of an amateur. These include:

  • Electric shock or fatal electrocution from touching the wrong electrical components
  • Fire or explosion from mishandling natural gas
  • Poisoning from inhaling carbon monoxide or gas fumes due to an improperly vented HVAC system

Many of the disastrous scenarios described above can affect everyone in your home, not just the HVAC repair newbie.

2. Mistakes Affecting Equipment Efficiency

Even if your repair hack somehow gets the heating or cooling up and running again, the system may not be operating at peak efficiency. Unless you’re a trained, experienced expert, it’s easy to make mistakes with essential tasks like correctly adjusting the thermostat or ensuring optimal airflow and drainage.

3. Lack of Proper Tools and Parts

Don’t think you can wing it with just a screwdriver and a hammer. HVAC repair requires a range of specialized tools and replacement parts, which will need to be updated periodically as new advances in HVAC technology are made. 

The cost to purchase this equipment and the necessary training to use it is beyond the means of the average layperson. Hiring professionals to service your HVAC actually makes better financial sense than doing it yourself.

4. Warranty Void

Have you read the fine print on your furnace and air conditioning warranties? They likely contain a clause stating that they are only valid as long as the system is professionally repaired and maintained. Once again, trying to save a little cash with DIY could end up costing you big time.

5. Longer Repair Time

Ideally, HVAC repair should be completed as quickly (and carefully) as possible. No one wants to be without AC during one of those GTA heatwaves or without a functional furnace when it’s -20 degrees outside. 

Heating and cooling professionals have the experience and know-how to diagnose your problem, advise you on the best solution, and get the repair done within the shortest time frame. If you were to attempt the same thing, it would most likely take you much longer to troubleshoot, assemble your tools, take the system apart, etc.