Dubai is a luxury city where everyone who thinks about starting a new business fears that it will cost much money and that it is not affordable.   The stereotype that Dubai is a very expensive city for entrepreneurs is not always true because there are some businesses you can start even if you do not have much capital or investments. There are few things you have to know that will help you to setup a business in Dubai and you will get surprised that it might be cheaper to establish a company in this beautiful city than in your country. Why opening a company in Dubai? Apart from being a beautiful city, Dubai is popularly known for two things: Tourism and Business. Both Tourism and Business generate a lot of revenue for investors, young entrepreneurs, and the Dubai government which makes Dubai a strategic place for forming a new company. Company Formation in Dubai There are different formalities you have to follow during your company formation in Dubai but always the government ease the process of forming a company whether it is a big company or small company you will find that the process may take up to 4 […] read more