You will find many ideas for teen scavenger hunting on the Internet. Everything, from the venues and invitations to the food and games for teens, will be provided to you. It’s all great until your teens realize they may outgrow the scavenger hunting events you planned.

Scavenger Hunt

One reason people are becoming less interested in hiding things in their homes and neighborhoods is obvious. You can let your imagination run wild by suggesting that the location for the scavenger hunting be expanded. In a way, we can recommend that the city and the mall be considered for these expansion plans.

City Hunt

This is one of those ideas for a teen scavenger hunt that you wish you’d thought of earlier. You can ask participants to take photos of the attractions if they live in large cities. You will need a digital camera. This can be either a standalone or integrated into a cell phone.

Therefore, you don’t need to take the objects. Video and/or photographic documentation are sufficient evidence. For the most creative answers to the questions, scavenger challenges, and scavenger task, you may be awarded extra points. After the race, make sure you have food, prizes and chairs.

You can make your scavenger hunt include: Take a particular bus to the next stop, take a certain bus backwards, be hugged at the park by 10 people wearing blue jeans and white shirts; slide down and swing at the children’s playground at school; write your name on a sidewalk; pick up 30 pieces paper litter like Judas.

You may need to pay for transportation costs, but this would not be a significant expense compared to the enjoyment, camaraderie, and fun that the teens will have.

Mall Hunt

Another teen scavenger hunt idea that will bring out the excitement in bored teenagers is the mall hunt. The mall hunt is a great game for teens. To get some ideas about what you want your teenagers to do, first visit the nearest mall. It is important that you check with staff about what games are permitted so that your children do not break any mall rules.

You will not need to buy the products, so you’ll only need a digital camera and pen and paper. Activities such as getting autographed by a boutique employee; taking a photo of window art in a store; listing the prices for certain foods in restaurants; and showing the children’s play area. These teen scavenger hunts will be a huge hit, even if it’s only for a day.