Dubai is a luxury city where everyone who thinks about starting a new business fears that it will cost much money and that it is not affordable.


The stereotype that Dubai is a very expensive city for entrepreneurs is not always true because there are some businesses you can start even if you do not have much capital or investments.

There are few things you have to know that will help you to setup a business in Dubai and you will get surprised that it might be cheaper to establish a company in this beautiful city than in your country.

Why opening a company in Dubai?

Apart from being a beautiful city, Dubai is popularly known for two things: Tourism and Business.

Both Tourism and Business generate a lot of revenue for investors, young entrepreneurs, and the Dubai government which makes Dubai a strategic place for forming a new company.

Company Formation in Dubai

There are different formalities you have to follow during your company formation in Dubai but always the government ease the process of forming a company whether it is a big company or small company you will find that the process may take up to 4 to 5 working days.

least costly businesses you can start in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai attracts over 14 million tourists every year which puts Dubai among the most visited cities in the world.

Tourism in Dubai does not generate only revenue for the government but also for entrepreneurs who have invested in various industries be it in hospitality or other businesses because most tourists end up shopping and souvenirs of different kinds.

Business in Dubai

Dubai Government is known for setting the measures that ease the process of starting and registering a new business for entrepreneur types of entrepreneurs regardless of their nationality. Moreover, Dubai mainland has amended the law that allows 100% foreign ownership for investors.

This is a list of businesses you can start in Dubai without breaking your bank accounts.

·         Trading Business

·         Restaurant Business

·         Consultancy Business

·         Tourism and Travel

·         Restaurant management

·         Trading Consultancy

·         Technical Services

·         Real Estate Brokerage

·         Electronic Trading

Overview of the low-cost business in Dubai

Trading Business in Dubai

Trading is a business that involves buying and selling products or services. Dubai is among the top trading cities where you can find all types of products exported from different countries which makes it easy to start this business regardless of your investment.

Restaurant Business in Dubai

Restaurants are among the most profitable businesses in Dubai because compared to its size of 4,114sq. km. It is inhabited with a population of 3.41 million in 2021 as per the UAE government report. Most of the residents of Dubai are daily workers who do not have the time of cooking every day. Moreover, Dubai is a tourist place where most tourists do not have time for cooking which makes the restaurant business more profitable.

Consultancy Business in Dubai

Consultancy Business is one of the most businesses to start in Dubai due to its flexibility that does not require a big office or much equipment.

Tourism and Travel in Dubai

The tourism and Travel business in Dubai are profitable businesses as Dubai attracts above 14 million tourists every year. Moreover, the Dubai government ease the cost of starting a tourism company.

Restaurant management business in Dubai

Restaurant management is another business that does not require much investment and setting up a restaurant management business is easy. Does not cost much money as long as you have restaurant management experience.

Trading Consultancy services in Dubai

Trading Consultancy helps your business to find the gaps that affecting your trading business and by advising you how to close those gaps. A trading consultancy company in Dubai does not require many investments and infrastructure which makes it among the most affordable business to start in Dubai.

Technical Services business in Dubai

Starting technical services business in Dubai is easy if you have experience in a technical field, you just need to apply for your company license and the overall price is reasonable.

Real Estate Brokerage Business in Dubai

Real Estate Brokerage is among the most booming business in Dubai, all you need is to complete all the formalities and have knowledge of the real estate industry. The new UAE law amendment allows foreigners to own 100% of a real estate firm without any UAE local sponsor.

Electronic Trading in Dubai

Electronic Trading also called online trading is a form of financial trading business where they use computer software to place orders and making payments. It involves stock exchanges, bonds, currencies, investments banks, etc. Electronic trading is another low-cost business that does not require much equipment and it is easy to start an Electronic trading business in Dubai