A gambler is a man born out of instinct to survive. Due to the risks associated with daily living, it was considered a skill in order to keep alive until the sun sets. Gambling instincts were not lost as humans developed systems to meet their physiological survival needs. It actually grew stronger as time passed.

Simply put, the human gambling instinct was present early in the history of human civilization. Romans were well-known for their unforgiving gladiator matches that were violent, if not brutal, at the very least. The festivities began when the first official ceremonies took place at the Colosseum in 80AD by Titus, the emperor. Slaves were pitted against their fellow slaves in mostly fights to the death and occasionally against wild beasts. Spectators loved the idea of betting their favorite gladiator on his fate, hoping that they would live to see the end.

The violence of human sports became too much for some. Gambling has been reduced to animal fighting. While gladiators are a traditional human blood sport, these were popularized in Europe. They are especially popular in Spain, Portugal (the United Kingdom), France, Spain and Indonesia. Bullfighting, cockfighting and even fox hunting were some of these fights.

The thrill of betting became a worldwide phenomenon as European influence expanded to all continents. Gradually the craving for blood became more important than the promise of wealth accumulation. The stakes were high but the appeal of establishments like casinos was greater. The thrill of betting was never greater.

However, the combined momentum of sports wagering was stopped abruptly by the onset of the World Wars. As a result of these wars activities like lotteries and race meeting were severely limited. Its revival came only in the mid-1950s. But it was soon back on its feet.

The popularity of sporting events remained strong in gambling circles. For example, horse races, basketball matches and games like baseball seemed to appeal to more bettors. The advent of technology in communications has made sports betting possible. This is because people who live far away can use phone betting. Intertops Antigua, a company that pioneered this technology, started it in 1993.

The online betting market became more connected when the Internet became available to everyone. Globalization helped to connect the world in ways that were previously impossible. 188bet terbaru in Gibraltar, which was founded in 1996, began to develop software for other gaming companies. Many others soon followed the example of 188bet terbaru and online sports betting was born.